There’s no Way Northern Politics Can Develop Without Women Inclusion – Saudatu Sani

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Following what was referred to as “poor political leadership” in Northern part of Nigeria, by various speakers who spoke at a conference on “the North and the Challenge of Leadership”, a female former lawmaker, has identified non inclusion of women as the major course of under development in the politics of the region. 

Delivering a goodwill message on behalf of Jamiyar Matan Arewa, on Monday at event which was organized by Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation in collaboration with Arewa Initiative for Good Governance, Hajiya Saudatu Sani, said there is no way Northern politics will develop beyond where it is now unless women in the region are included in political process. 

She lamented the absolute neglect of women by the region which has thrown the women to the background, adding that “no one cares about the woman.”

Hajiya Saudatu, argued that the women in the North are doing far better than the men academically, yet they are not allowed to participate in the political space like their Southern counterparts. 

She said if the men want the region to grow politically, then they have to play along with the women as partners in politics because the men alone can not do. 

On her part, Hauwa el-Yakub, founder, Ilman Nafi’an Education and Development Initiative, noted that the ill in the region today is as a result of poor leadership, a situation where people who are not qualified are allowed to lead.

She said, it is time for political leaders who are not delivering on their responsibilities to be voted out of power and those who are prepared be giving the chance to lead. 

“I think the solution obviously is getting the right people to take the reigns of leadership, because the present situation is not good for the country, is not good for Northern Nigeria. 

“I believe if the right people are there, those who are qualify, they will be able to change the situation we are in right now. We must ensure that during electioneering process that the right people are voted to power and if we are determined, we will be able to change it.” she explained. 

According to Hauwa, poor governance has greatly affected women and children, saying “what we have in Northern Nigeria, where women and children are concern is peculiar, probably the tradition, the conservatism. 

“They believe that a lot of things women are not allowed to do, and this is just misinterpretation, most of the times religion and holding on to the tradition that does not benefit us and we are trying to change that also.”


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