Shehu Sani Receives Delegation from Birni Gwari, Says Whenever there Blood Flow in Society, Either Government of Nation Has Failed

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Following the incessant killings in Birnin Gwari, in Kaduna State and it’s environs, a delegation of various groups from Birnin Gwari and Chikun Local Government Areas (LGAs) on Tuesday paid a courtesy call to the Senator representing Kaduna Central, Comrade Shehu Sani to present their issues to and the President of the Senate.

Senator Sani, after listening to the delegation and receiving the letter, said whenever there is flow of blood in a society, its either the government has failed, the nation is failing or the people has failed to live to their responsibility or the three together.

The Senator, who noted that the North which used to be very peaceful is now under siege, said the region must tell itself the truth. The issue of Birnin Gwari reflects the fears and dangers we are facing in North West today.

“The North that used to be a peaceful place is now under siege, North West is bandits, North Central is herdsmen and North East insurgents. In Kaduna, Kajuru, Muslims and Christians against each other, Kidnappers on Kaduna Abuja road, Bandits in Birni Gwari.

“The North must tell itself the truth that because the President is from the North, you find it difficult to present your needs before him. The situation in North calls for Northern Leaders, come together and come out with standing committee to hold the FG on their security.

Sani, told his visitors their leaders the were prepared to die for during the elections don’t care about them, yet their own families are safe, adding, “i have been able to do my possible best in Birnin Gwari and would raise your issue on the floor and make sure assistance gets to you.

“My message for you is never stop agitating. Never give up in holding people in power accountable. When they come to visit, you roll drums and welcome them. How will they know you are in trouble. I have received your letter and assure you that in my remaining days in office I will continue to speak.

“My advise to use is go back to Birnin Gwari, set up an appeal fund for security, set up a N10bn appeal fund for your people and ask those you elected and us that have served to fund it. As you go back, think of what to do including buying gadgets and equipments for vigilante willing to sacrifice their lives.”

He charged them to challenge those in power to do what is right, saying, “one thing we must not shy away from is that those you elected into office have failed you as a people. You cannot worship and reverend people who are indifferent to the tragedies that befalls you and expect miracle.

“Democracy gives you opportunity to put good people in power to ensure your needs are met. Free yourself from worshipping leaders who have failed you, free yourself from bondage, free yourself from yourself.

“If the FG is paying attention to Katsina State and Zamfara, it is because they have governors who speaks truth to power that their states are under siege. If you have leaders from your state who would visit villa everyday and tell the president it is all fine and good, if you have leaders who will criticise Shehu Sani for listening to you, who will speak for you.

“You cannot have a President, service chiefs from North and North is becoming one of most dangerous territories on earth, who are you to blame. You cannot blame Jonathan or Obasanjo. I have less than two months to serve, but nothing will silence me from speaking truth.”

Earlier, Nasir Khalid, Vice Chairman Birnin Gwari Emirate Progressive Union, who led the delegation said, armed banditry in Birnin-Gwari, has slowly escalated into a point of no return despite the presence of security personnel in few locations within the vast territory of Birnin-Gwari.

They therefore demand the Senator to deliver their message to the Senate President. Their demands amongst other things includes; deployment of more troops that will work with sincerity

“We are calling on the state and federal governments to urgently deploy more troops and security personnel to
Birnin-Gwari before the armed bandit overrun Birnin-Gwari town, which at the moment remained the last man standing. We equally, call on our people to peacefully join us in the struggle to send a clear and unambiguous message to the governments on our plights.

“The coalition vehemently chides at the fact the insecurity in Birnin Gwari especially as it concern abduction on the highways is being aided and catalyzed by unidentified informants and connivers who are alleged to be living among the community. Thus, we strongly demand that the leadership
of Birnin Gwari Local Government Council to sit up to its responsibility by immediately setting up a vibrant mechanism that will fish out those alleged informants and possible inside connivers with a view to freeing our people from their catastrophic and stealthy activities.

“The coalition agrees thoroughly that for over five years issue of kidnappings and banditry defied all measures, as such demand that the Birnin Gwari Local Government Council and the Kaduna State Government sit up and unearth any possible conspiracy targeted against our lives, economy, socio-cultural and educational pursuits.

“The coalition demands an immediate explanation of the status quo of the N10 million intervention in the security of Birnin Gwari approved by the Kaduna State Government. We strongly advise that if such approval is no more in place, then the BGLC Should fashion out ways through which the approval can be given again. And if it is still being enjoyed, then government should expend all the money sincerely on ‘Yan Banga, the Police and Army deployed to Birnin
Gwari With a view to defeating the armed bandits.” They added.


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