Polls: We Won’t Accept Further Shift – Women Group

Polls: We Won’t Accept Further Shift – Women Group

ECHOES of Women in Africa Initiative
yesterday marked the International
Women’s Day with a solidarity march round
some designated streets of Benin City
calling on government to shelve any plans
to further postpone the March 28 and April
11 2015, general elections.

Led in the March by the spokesperson of
the NGO, Louisa Ono Eikhomun, the
women posited that the women’s day
cannot be celebrated when there is no
peace and security in the country. They
called for a smooth election process as
according to them women are often made
to suffer untold hardships when things go wrong during elections.

Standing on the merit of the Beijing
platform for action,
Eikhomun stated that
while the entire communities suffer the
consequences of armed conflict and
terrorism, women and girls are particularly
affected because of their sex and status in

She therefore called on the federal
government to stop the insurgency ravaging
the North East as well as seek means to
make all regions vote in peaceful

The women called on the federal
government to look into the plight of
internally displaced persons as well as the
missing Chibok Girls who need to be
returned safe and sound into the
comforting arms of their parents.


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