PERL, Reviews 2018 First Quarter Reform Engagement with Kaduna Citizens

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

The Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL), on Monday, commenced the review of it’s 2018 first quarter Reform Engagement and Participatory Political Economy Analysis (PEA), to measure how it has impacted the lives of citizens in Kaduna State.
The meeting is also aimed at facilitating its second quarter Reform Engagement and Participatory Political Economy Analysis (PEA) with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) State House of Assembly (SHOA), Private Sector, Academia and Media for better governance engagement in the State.

The Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL) is a five year Public Sector Accountability and Governance programme funded by the UKAID’s Department for International Development, working to reform how governments organise their core business of making, implementing, tracking and accounting for policies, plans and budgets used in delivering public goods (economic stability and an enabling environment for private enterprise so as to promote growth and reduce poverty) and services to the citizenry, and how citizens themselves engage with these processes.
Declaring the meeting open, Kaduna State Team Leader of PERL, Abel Adejor, emphasized on the need for participants to always remember to follow-up on the various constituencies they represent after every engagement so they can know what they are doing with the information they have shared with them.
“We want to hear from you, how you have been engaging citizens in Kaduna and how others can learn from it. So we can know how to carry our engagements further, to also hear from you what PERL has done in Kaduna and how that has contributed to the state in the last quarter. He added.
“To follow-up on the action plan developed last quarter, to review the PERL reform engagement processes of the last quarter, strengthen the relationship among partners for effective synergy and collaboration.
“To highlight successes, challenges and, opportunities in selected key service delivery sectors (Health, Agriculture, Education and other related sectors), review the State political and economic environment as well as key changes in key political positions that may impact on reform in the state.” Adejor, explained.


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