Don’t Revolt if I Failed to Get PDP Ticket Senator La’ah Advises Supporters

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Senator Danjuma Laah, representing, Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, has advised his teeming supporters not to revolt if the Peoples Democratic Party’s delegates refused to elect him as the flag bearer for the 2019 election.
Senator Danjuma Laah Media Team, in a statement signed by Bege Mark, noted that, for the sake of peaceful campaign, the Senator has told a broad segment of electorates that they should not revolt against the party by voting against it, because the PDP remains a party of choice for the Southern Kaduna people.

The state statement according to the media team, said, “the Senator said he has been told by a broad segment of electorates that should the delegates not elect him, there would be mass revolt against the party in the general elections in which another party will be the beneficiary.
“To this, the Senator wants to assure that the PDP remains the party of choice of Southern Kaduna. That all his supporters and lovers of PDP must not in any way nurse such notions should the outcome not be favourable to them, long as it is the genuine outcome of the delegate.
“He said even though he is sure of victory, what matters most to him is that whoever emerges the candidate will be embraced by him. He wishes the same thinking is also going on the other camp.”
Laah, commended the unusual high interest showed in his candidacy and that of Rt. Hon. Audu Jagaba, by the Southern Kaduna people and assured both delegates and non-delegates about his desire to run a peaceful, rancour free and charming campaign ahead the delegate conference.
“The Senator wishes to remind all that, peace, love, commitment to the entire welding of Southern Kaduna; its territorial safety, development and progress has been his life pursuit even before given the mandate to represent Southern Kaduna at the Red Chamber of the National Assembly.
“Consequently upon the above, the Distinguished Senator, who is also the Chairman, Senate Committee on Poverty Alleviation, calls on all sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna, especially those who are members of our indomitable party, the PDP, to campaign with caution and be considerate to every side in the choice and usage of words, because in the end it is the interest of PDP and Southern Kaduna that counts the most. Not his own interest.
“However, the Senator appreciates those who have come out to publicly voice their support for him, and assures them that he reminds in the race focus and working hard with his team to secure the ticket of the party, believing that the party leadership will remind neutral and give a level playing field for all.
“To add to the above, the Senator calls on the leadership of the party to try hard to dispel the ugly rumour that it is already one sided in this contest. He counsels that that doing so will reduce the level of angst among his supporters, delegates, party faithful and even non-party members. As for the Senator, he has no reason to doubt the integrity of the leadership of the party, as someone who also has no fears about his victory in the primary polls, God on his side.
“Senator Laah concedes that just as any other human being, he has not been able to meet the private expectation of many and that he and cannot be perfect in all aspects of his assignment just as no human being is 100% complete in everything, he however wants to affirm that whatever shortcoming he may have as a human being, his complete dedication to the pursuit of the liberty, development, peace, security and progress of Southern Kaduna is what he is sure will never be compromised.
“According to him in the pursuit of the aforementioned, he has suffered immeasurable humiliation, harassment, intimidation, including detention, sabotage on his investment, illegal invasion and vandalisation of his home by government forces who also branded him a ‘hater’ of peace in Southern Kaduna. He has been branded enemy of Kaduna state in which the state governor called upon indigenes of Kaduna State to visit violence upon him and the two other Senators from the state. He added that he has been watched upon by security forces as if he was mafia boss simply because he had stood up for what is best for Kaduna State.” The statement added.
He said because of his stands for a peaceful Southern Kaduna, he attracted unexpected strong hostility from kaduna state government after denouncing the genocide in Southern Kaduna and call upon the people to use legitimate means to defend them in face of the obvious failure of the state to stop the carnage in 2016.
According to him, it is in his DNA to speak against tyranny and show affection for the weak and vulnerable especially if they fall under his protection. To this he said, he is ready to sacrifice his comfort and privileges.
He said he had borne these sufferings stoically believing that Southern Kaduna was worth doing even more sacrifices. That he never got frustrated or distracted from doing all he could to add to the security of Southern Kaduna, attract federal institutions to the place, get some critical federal infrastructures into past budgets which were sadly not executed as a result of the poor implementation of capital projects under the present government, among others.
La’ah, therefore, caution and warned against certain interest that are infiltrating the party from outside, saying he has been getting steady briefs on the matter, but would rather not elaborate it in the public.


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