Buhari Reopens $182m Halliburton Bribery Case; 3 Ex-Presidents Might be Jailed

Reopens $182m
Halliburton Bribery
Case; 3 Ex-Presidents
Might be Jailed


President Muhammadu
Buhari, has reopened the $182
million Halliburton bribery case
with an aim to diligently
prosecute all those involved in
the scandal, TRIBUNE reports.
This follows requests from the
United States government who
says unless those involved were
prosecuted, part of the bribe
money, about $140 million,
recovered and still in the US,
would not be repatriated to
The American government’s
report on the Halliburton
bribery scandal had indicted
three former Nigerian leaders, a
former number two citizen, a
minister, intelligence chiefs and
corporate giants in the list of
bribery beneficiaries.
Jeffry Tesler, who was the go-
between in the payment of the
bribes paid to secure the
contract for the final phase of
the multibillion naira Nationa
Liquefied Natural Gas project
was sentenced to 21 months in
prison and forfeited $148.964
million from his Swiss accounts
to the United States government.
Tribune says the case was
investigated four years ago by a
security panel headed by retired
AIG Ahmadu Ali, who at the end
of the case charged a former
personal aide to a former Head
of State to court but the case was
later struck out due to lack of diligent prosecution.

Culled from Nigerian Tribune

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