2019: APC Failed all 2015 Promises to Kaduna State – Hyat

Chairman the Kaduna State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Felix Hassan Hyat, on Wednesday, accused the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) in the State of failing in all its 2015 campaign promises to the people “in a shocking bad style” and as such, do not deserve to be entrusted with power again.

Hyat, who was the former minister of Aviation, made the accusation during the combined PDP 2019 general elections campaigns under the banner of the Ashiru/Katung Gubernatorial Campaign Organisation tour in Gwantu, Sanga Local Government Area (LGA).

The 2019 Kaduna State gubernatorial candidate of the peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Isah Ashiru, and Senator Danjuma Laah (PDP, Kaduna South Senatorial zone) where emotion laden after an accident among the convoy of the Ashiru/Katung campaign train yesterday claimed the lives of three PDP members.

The two were also over awed by the large turnout of the supporters who came out in a festive mood in Sanga and Kaura LGAs to express their support for the PDP.

The running mate to Governor Nasir el-Rufai – the 2019 gubernatorial flag bearer of the APC for Kaduna State – Dr. Hadiza Balarabe is from Sanga, while Kaduna State deputy Governor, Arc Barnabas Bala Bantex is from Kaura LGA. He is also the APC Senatorial candidate for Kaduna South Senatorial District.

The size of the crowd that received Ashiru, according to long time residents of Gwantu, is unprecedented since 1979.

Hyat, who addressed the gathering of PDP supporters in Gwantu, started by regretting the passing away of three PDP faithfuls who had been escorting the PDP entourage on the Fadan Karshi-Gwantu express way to Gwantu. One minute of silence was observed in their honour.

Before the rally took off, Ashiru, his running mate, Hon. Sunday Marshall Katung and top members of the campaign train had visted two persons who sustained injuries in the accident in which the three died.

Ashiru expressed his sympathy and promised to take care of all the medical bills that will be incured, after dropping down an unspecified sum. One of the deceased was Mrs Rahila Thomas, PDP women leader of Ara Ward in Sanga LGA. The identify of the other two could not be ascertain at the time of filling this report. Some account said that length of the convoy was unusually too long and large, prompting impatient motorists to take untowards measures to be among the lead, as such endangering their safety.

Another account said that the Mazda car had a burst tyre.
Ashiru instructed that all forms of music, drumming and any form of celebration be banned in respect of the departed three during the Gwantu rally.

Speaking to the crowd, Hyat said: “The APC promised roads in rural areas, but did non in Sanga and most parts of the state. They promised you more jobs, but sacked your sons and daughters in large numbers, then employed non residents of Kaduna state and made them bosses over us.

“The APC promised you security and peace; instead you now have killings, kidnapping and the words and actions of the APC is the greatest threat to peace in Kaduna state.

“Again, the APC bragged that it will turn Kaduna into Dubai, but today kaduna is probably the dirtiest city in northern Nigeria, with demolished properties making it look ugly.

“The APC said it will build more houses for us; today they could not build one room. Instead they sold all the houses the PDP built for civil servants, including properties built as far back to Sir Ahmadu Bello time in the ’50s and ’60s.”

He also alleged that the APC has destroyed education in Kaduna State.

“The APC has failed in a shocking bad style, because people very much trusted them, agains all caution from the PDP,” he said.
“Sanga cannot afford to be fooled twice,” he told the cheering crowd.

Ashiru, on his part was calm and rather emotional when he spoke.
“I thank you, the people of Sanga for the show of this love. I shall never disappoint you if you trust me with mandate,” he said.
An hour later, the campaign train reached, Mancho, Kaura LGA, to a cacophony of massive, uncontrolled revelling by several dance groups and individuals.
Our reporter reports that the size of the Manchok crowd was even larger that that of Gwantu.

Senator Danjuma Laah, who waved through the roof top of his jeep at the sea of humans which throng around it, while more almost mobbed Ashiru who had to walked to his seat, sobbed intermittently in joyful appreciation.

“I never expected that you have so much love for Ashiru and I. You have honoured me and make me strong. I want to assure you that, Atiku, Ashiru, myself and all the PDP candidate will do our best for you,’ he said.

Former Minister of Environment, Mrs. Laurentia Mallam, told the gathering that the suffering that had been endured in the past three years and seven months must not continue to another term of APC.

“Look at how suffering has reduced everyone to paupers,” she said.

“If they dont care about our welfare at this level that they are desperate to get a second term, is it at the next level when they will not need your votes that they will care?” she asked.

“There Next Level means death to all of us. We must use our PVCs to stop the APC,” she said.
Ashiru, again said he was over awed by the large turnout. He assured the throng of his commitment to improve the wellbeing of Kaura and Kaduna State.

In a chat with journalists at the event, the Deputy Campaign General of the Ashiru/Katung Campania Organisation, Hon. Danjuma Sarki, said: “We have never doubted our popularity in Sanga and Kaura. We have done our home work well. But, most importantly, the wicked, anti people policies of the current government in Kaduna has also helped us. Again, Ashiru has package a workable working plan to restart kaduna state, and our people trust him that he will deliver,” he said.


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