Zamani Foundation Launches “Visible Impact” project to Check Governance in Nigeria, Africa

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Ahead of 2019 general elections, a Kaduna based NGO, Zamani Foundation, has launched a new project aimed at checking governance and advocating for the transformation of the Nigerian society.

The project ‘Visible Impact’, according to the foundation, is a drive that is fully captured in the noble vision of the organization to act as advocates for the transformation of the Nigerian society, Africa and indeed the world, into a morally just, upright, peaceful and egalitarian society that respects the right of the family, women, youths and children.

Speaking during the launch in Kaduna on Friday, Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, Mrs. Talatu Zamani-Henry, said, the theme for this year is ‘Good Governance’ which is consciously and deliberately planned to advocate for peace, development and care of the less privileged in our nation Nigeria.

She added that “the advocacy is intended to reach all states of African continent and the entire world, with time, God willing.

“Good Governance and Nation building are all encompassing, and are the bedrocks of development. Good governance brings economic development, and economic development gives birth to economic and political freedom.

“Our nation is preparing for the General elections. It is context of those to lead Nigeria to the next phase. The issues therein, questions of what becomes of the nation and especially the question of second term, zoning of political offices and other political concerns that are not of immediate relevance to the Nigerian people.

“These issues should never be
allowed to distract the attention of Nigerians from the primary and fundamental issues of good
governance. Good governance is not subject or tied to timeframe of the political office holders, but
about development.”

Mrs. Zamani-Henry, expressed worries over the issues of decayed infrastructures in Nigeria; such as roads, ill equipped medical institutions, the lack or total collapse of industries, and our academic institutions which are currently on strike.

“The reactivation of these infrastructures and industries will enhance economic development, which Nigerians are in dire need of. We should please note that development is man-oriented not system-oriented.

The programme which was well attended by Civil Society Organizations, CSOs, the media and representatives of various political parties and other stakeholders brainstormed on the need for Nigerians to have Nigeria of their dream where things work as they ought to be.


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