Women Group Demands Bashir Hammadada’s Unconditional Release …..Calls on Kaduna Government to Wake-up to its Responsibility of Protecting Lives

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

A group, Kaduna Central Women Network has demanded an unconstitutional release of Bashir Ahmed Hammadada who was abducted by the Nigerian Army and later handed over to the Police for an alleged culpable homicide, stealing and arm robbery.

The women are also demanding the state government to wake-up to wake-up responsibilities by protecting lives and property of its citizens.

The group in a statement on Monday, after a peaceful protest in Kaduna Haj. Balaraba Abu Sadiq and Mrs Joy Maizare, President and Gen. Secretary respectively, said, “as peace loving citizens, we cannot afford to remain silent while this injustice continues.

“Consequently, we call on the Nigerian police or whoever that is holding Alh. Bashir Hamada to release him immediately and unconditionally. We are also urging the kaduna state governor to wake up to his duties of protecting the lives and property of her citizens.

“We cannot afford to accommodate events that can truncate this democracy we are enjoying. We wish to lend our voices to the patriotic calls by the good people of kaduna state and Nigeria as a whole for the immediate and unconditional release of ALH. Bashir Ahmed (Hamadada) SA youths/religious affairs to Sen. Shehu Sani. (Kaduna Central).

According to them, ” it is very unfortunate that politics in kaduna state has degenerated to this very dangerous, frightening and highly condemnable level of violence, thuggery, mischief and blackmail. The unwarranted abduction and subsequent arrest of Alh Bashir Ahmed (Hamadada) coupled with the shameful attempt to frame him up on frivolous charges is a pointer to how low we have condescended in kaduna politics.

“Politicians are now finding it hard to accommodate opposing views while security agencies that are supposed to protect us all are now being used to persecute and intimidate perceived opposition voices.

“Anyone who has been following political events in kaduna state will agree that things are fast getting out of hand. Thugs are now deployed to harm and maim political opponents. As a result of her “I don’t care” attitude, the state government has made it impossible for anyone to exonerate her as an accomplice in this show of shame. While innocent, responsible and respected people like Alh. Bashir are being victimized and persecuted, political thugs and their sponsors are moving about freely.”


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