Why I Dumped PDP. Prof Osunbor

Why I Dumped PDP. Prof Osunbor

By Osei Peters

Former Governor of Edo
State, Prof Oserheimen Osunbor said he
decided to dump the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP) for the All Progressives Congress
(APC) because the PDP does not have the
interest of the people at heart.
Speaking at a rally where he formally
decamped to the APC, Tuesday, Osunbor
said: “sometime in February 2012, I
reflected on my journey in politics and
realized that the people in my party at that
time (PDP) did not have the interest of the
people of Edo State in mind and that was
why during that election I cast my vote in
favor of the re-election of the Comrade
Governor. I told all my supporters across
Edo State to give their votes to him and
what did we see? 18 over 18.
“I did that because I was convinced that the
Comrade Governor has the interest of the
ordinary people at heart but the people in
my former party, the PDP, didn’t have the
interest of the common man at heart.”
The former Governor said, “In the local
government elections, I supported the CAN
as it were then but and all the while I have
been supporting the APC and the election of
2 weeks ago, I cast my vote for the
candidate of APC and I told my supporters
to vote for APC candidates. I also reflected
and saw that within APC are my friends.
Why should I be in exile while my friends
are in APC, so I decided to come home from
political exile to realign with the Comrade
Governor and APC in Edo State. The
government at the Federal is APC and the
Government at the State is APC, what will
you benefit if you vote for PDP? He asked.
In his response, Governor Adams
Oshiomhole said, “today for me is historic
for several reasons. This is the first formal
public display of the bond of unity,
friendship and comradeship between Prof.
Osunbor and Comrade Oshiomhole. I am
sure you all know that I took over from Prof.
Osunbor under very hostile condition and
today it is to his credit, his large heart and
my own purity of heart that whereas
governors who smoothly change power
today are at war against each other in many
parts of Nigeria, in Edo State, the immediate
past and the present are bonded together
by the broom in a common commitment to
work and sustain positive changes in our
state and indeed in our great country.”
Oshiomhole added, “Prof. Osunbor, I want
to thank you for your courage and for
putting the bigger issue before the smaller
issue and like you said demonstrating
publicly what you have always done with us
privately. May God bless your decision and
all those who have come with you in their
renewed hope in our mission of change.
“For me, it is a fulfillment of a long dream.
Like he said, Prof. has shown a large heart.
For many people, once you have a little
quarrel they never forgive and politicians
are worse for that and like he recalled,
before my second reelection, Prof. Osunbor
was there for me not secretly, he told
everybody to vote for me and he made a
statement that will be recorded in our
“There are many who will say, ‘I will never
forgive him’ but that is not Prof. For me,
your coming has not just completely healed
wounds, it has strengthened us and it will
make a very important mark in the heart of
many of our young people who should
learn the spirit of forgiveness, the spirit of
downplaying personal issues and
supporting the bigger question.
He continued: “The election that took place
last week has already settled one major
problem that we have had in this state, the
problem of political godfatherism. That is
now buried forever and history will record it
in our favor that together we buried
godfatherism in our state and in the
country. We now have a state that will be
led by younger generation of leaders whose
actions and interest in politics is about
development. We have radically moved
away from politics of exclusion to politics of
inclusion. From politics of who do you know
to politics of everybody matters.”
While admitting the Professor into the APC
family, Oshiomhole assured that a bigger
ceremony will be held at the Samuel
Ogbemudia Stadium to receive him


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