UNICEF Hands over Renovated PHC to Sokoto Govt

 By Alex Uangbaoje, Sokoto

As part of effort to support the Nigerian government plan to provide ‘One Functional’ Primary Healthcare Centre (PHC) per ward, in order to bring healthcare services to the doorsteps of the people, the  United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has handed over N6 million renovated Arkilla, PHC to Sokoto State Government. 

‎The PHC Arkilla, in Wammako Local Government Area (LGA), according to UNICEF is a model of ‘One Functional PHC per ward’ which will be replicated in other parts of the state. 

In his brief during the commissioning of the project, Muhammad Mohiuddin, UNICEF Sokoto Chief of Field Office, explained that, ‎”the total cost expanded on this is 6, 144,662 Million Naira (provided to partner as DCT-3), some cost were directly incurred from the office for banners, plaque, labelling points of service, repair and servicing of generator and ACs in the facility and curtains for the facility, totalling about 105,000 Thousand Naira.

“The State Government have developed an action plan highlighting the one PHC per ward approach as a priority Health agenda of Sokoto State Government.

‎”PHC Arkilla is the designated one functional PHC per ward of Arkilla Ward of Wammako LGA of Sokoto State with a catchment population of over 50,000 people. It is an urban PHC which was established in the early 1980s.

“‎The Health facility (HF) is supported by 33 Health Care Workers and supporting staff (1-CHO, 4-Midwives, 6 CHEW, 5 JCHEW, 3 Lab Personnel, 2-Medical Record staff, 1-Environmental Health staff, 7 Cleaners, 4 Watchmen. The facility is also supported by 2 visiting Medical Doctors. 

‎”The following services are provided in the facility: General Outpatient services; Ante natal care (ANC); Delivery and Post-natal care (PNC) services; Family planning (FP) services, Routine Immunization (RI), Prevention Mother to Child Transmission of HIV services, (PMTCT), Nutrition services(is a CMAM Site)  and other related services.

“‎The HFs has a high patient turnover i.e. average monthly delivery of 50 per month and Average monthly  Outpatient attendance is 300.

“‎The HF have the staffing capacity to operate 24hrs a day and also has accommodation for staff within the Hospital premise.

“‎The HF has Presence of other programme and partner support i.e. MSS, IMC, USAID, UNPA, DFID etc. ‎The HF has availability of water, electricity and infrastructure. The HF has presence of trained Skilled Birth Attendant e.g. a midwives.”              

Mohiuddin, added that “‎the catchment area population is reasonable and has an easy access to referral services and centres. ‎The commitment of the LGA management is commendable.”

He further stated that the Health Facility was 1st renovated in January 2016 by UNICEF with support from the UNH4 project, which aims at accelerating the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality in 15 states and Federal capital territory in Nigeria. 

One of the priority activities of the project, according to him, is to strengthen the implementation of the Ward Minimum Health Care Package (WMHCP) and improving utilization of Services in focus PHCs – based on 1functional PHC per ward approach.

Some of the facilities provided by UNICEF ‎are Midwifery Kit 1&2, Delivery bed, ‎PHC kits (2)- containing basic essential drugs for a PHC, ‎Microscope (1), others are ‎Inverter 

‎IEC materials and ‎Weighing scale for Adult and Child.

UNICEF renovated a three bedroom apartment in the facility to provide accommodation to the Midwives, WASH facilities were also renovated (Toilets, water supply to points of service).

Declaring the PHC, open for use, Sokoto State Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ahmad Aliyu, noted “this is not the first time UNICEF is providing this kind of support for our state.”

He therefore, thank UNICEF on behalf of the people of Sokoto state for the high level intervention, he assured UNICEF of the state government readiness to fulfil all its obligations.

‎On his part, Country Representative, UNICEF Nigeria, Mohamed Malick Fall, who was in Sokoto on a working visit, said the expansion of the facilities is to provide much greater reach for children and the entire population.

He revealed that UNICEF is working with some other partners including the European Union for an expansion of the primary healthcare system in the primary healthcare per ward.


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