Uba Sani hails ‘Northern Governors’ meeting with Traditional rulers

The Special Adviser to Kaduna State Governor on Political matters, Dr. Uba Sani has lauded the efforts of 19 Northern State Governors in meeting with Northern Traditional Council in Kaduna State for a two day assembly.

 The meeting which called at the instance of the Governors is to chart way forward on challenges facing the Northern Region.

Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters Dr. Uba Sani commended the gathering describing it as “timely and necessary”.

Dr. Uba Sani explained that “the act of governance does not lie in the hands of the executive alone as such the.”

The Special  Adviser appreciated the Royal Fathers for their commitment in ensuring lasting peace and development of their regions adding that as custodians of culture and religion it is imperative that they add their voices to the call for unity and restoring the glory of the Northern Region.

He further appealed to the citizens to be law abiding and security conscious assuring of government’s resolve towards improving the lot of the people as an urgent need for all citizens to be involved in the pursuit of peace and development.”

Earlier, Borno State Governor and Chairman Northern Governors’ Forum Hon. Kashim Shettima sa Governors of the 19 Northern States do recognize, respect and cherish the fact that while others serve for certain periods, traditional rulers mostly make lifetime commitments to the service of our communities. This naturally make Your Royal Highnesses very significant stakeholders in the affairs of Government across the 19 Northern States.

“Even more crucially, it gladdens the heart to note that our traditional rulers have sustained the time tested and noble tradition of championing the causes of their people. To cite one example, only last week, His Royal Highness, the erudite Emir of Kano, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi ll spearheaded the thought provoking debate surrounding the significance of the education of the girl-child and how it can positively impact the progress, development, prosperity, peace, security and stability of the North and, by extension, Nigeria.

“This very fundamental debate bordering on the educational backwardness, pervasive poverty and underdevelopment as well as persistent insecurity of Northern Nigeria should not only form the underlying basis for holding this extraordinary meeting but must continue, in our enlightened self-interest as leaders, to perpetually preoccupy our our thoughts, plans, programmes and actions.

“Managing multiculturalism and heterogeneity is a major challenge and indeed a litmus test for leadership, good governance and progress not just in Northern Nigeria but in the entire global society.”

 However, as leaders of government, traditional rulers and community as well as religious leaders we must to unite to tackle the challenges that stare us in the face. Like all the Northern Governors acknowledge, development is not just about building roads, bridges, houses or what we refer to as infrastructure and the provision of social services.

“Yes, these are very important, but then, there are pro-social livelihoods, peace and good life which are the fundamental attributes of meaningful existence. Our core challenges in the North today revolve around intolerance, absence of peaceful coexistence, poverty, illiteracy and lack of unity. How can we address these critical concerns? We, the 19 Governors of Northern States believe that a gathering of some of the key leaders of the North, is more than able to provide solutions to our problems. As Governors, we are more determined than ever, to sincerely walk the talks generated from this important meeting” He added.


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