Police Arrest Father Impregnates Daughter, Claims She Raped Him

A 50-year-old man, Taiwo Oyelabi, has been arrested by the police in Lagos State for allegedly sleeping with his daughter and impregnating her in the Igando area of the State.

The suspect claimed his 21-year-old daughter, also named Taiwo, kept demanding for sexual intercourse from him because she was possessed.

Oyelabi said he was in his sitting room one fateful day with her daughter when she suddenly grabbed him and started kissing him and ended up raping him.

He said: “Immediately, I stood up and started beating her and then took her to a white garment church where I was told that she was possessed.

“I have slept with her for about five times before I discovered that she was three months pregnant.

“This is the work of the devil because I don’t know what to do with the baby.

“I have separated with her mother when her and her twin sister were two years old.
“It was in the process my sister, who is in Abidjan, came to pick her to stay with her and learn a trade.

“After spending about two years in Abidjan, my sister brought her back to Nigeria that she does not know how to calculate money and she had misplaced a lot of money.

“Since then, we have been living together in my one room apartment.”

Oyelabi said it was when Taiwo returned from Abidjan that the victim’s step mother packed out of the house, claiming that she cannot live in the same room with her, adding: “And to avoid sleeping with her again, I took her to a woman where she started learning nylon making in our area.

“I was surprise after two weeks, she came to where I was sleeping and started kissing me.

“I made love to her that very day.
“Whenever, she started kissing me, I wouldn’t be able to resist her.
“That was why I have been making love to her.

“I was arrested after my landlord knew what was happening between me and my daughter.

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