Nigeria Now Pool of Blood – Sule Lamido Cries Out

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna
Sule Lamido, former Jigawa State Governor, on Thursday cried out by saying Nigeria is now a pool of blood and sick with uncontrolled killings everywhere across the country.
The former governor, noted that the kind of hatred, hunger and poverty being experienced by Nigerians is far higher than what was witnessed in the past.

Lamido, who was in Kaduna to met stakeholders in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to discuss his ambition for the 2019 Nigeria’s presidential election, also condemned the recent attack on Ekiti State Governor Ayodele Fayose, saying it’s condemnable for a sitting governor to be teargassed.
He also told the party loyalists present that he will remain a PDP member no matter the intimidation and harassment from above.
“We are here in Kaduna because NIgeria is sick, I’m here because there is too much hate in Nigeria, so much poverty in Nigeria.
“So much hunger in Nigeria, so much insecurity and so much abuse of power. This is why a sitting governor will be teargas and we totally condemn it.
“Our concerned today is about the future of our younger generation. They are the leaders of tomorrow. Sule Lamido is today 70 years old, Buhari maybe is about 74-78 years old.
“All of us in the next 30 years we will all gone. Then, we will leave you (youth) behind. What kind of Nigeria are we leaving for you?
“A secure Nigeria, stable Nigeria or what? In PDP because of our history of performance, PDP remains the party for Nigerians.
“So I’m here with my brothers who are still in PDP to brainstorm, reflect and then self interrogate what Nigeria was in 1999 and what it’s today.
“Today there is hunger and hate. So how do we rescue ourselves in Nigeria. PDP in 1999 was a party with culture, a party of tradition and a party of love for Nigerians and Nigeria,” he said.
He cautioned the youth to stay away from being use as political thugs, saying as leaders of tomorrow they shouldn’t not allow themselves be used to attack their fellow human beings.


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