Fuel Scarcity: PMB’s Sign Of Failure – PDP Chieftain

Fuel Scarcity: PMB’s Sign Of Failure – PDP Chieftain

From Babangida Kakaki

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chieftain in Kaduna state, Alhaji Samaila Sarkin gandu has described the incessant fuel scarcity being experienced as a sign of failure of the Buhari administration, which cast doubt on its ability to implement the 2016 budget properly.


He said, despite the change mantra of the Buhari administration, the lingering problems of non-fulfillment of 500 naira stipends to the poor and graduating youth across the country, the activities of the first lady, in the name of Wife of the president, the so-called budget padding as well as the non-performance of some ministers and appointees is an indication that, the APC led Buhari government is facing a failure, even in his 2016 budget implementation.

In an exclusive interview with some newsmen in his Zaria residence, Sarkin gandu said, it is unfortunate that getting to a year now of assuming power, the PMB administration being the Senior Minister of Petroleum Resources could not make fuel available to Nigerians, while his junior Minister Ibe Kachkwu is telling Nigerians that, the scarcity will persist up to the month of May. “This is ridiculous and admittance of failure to problem of fuel scarcity that has triggered high prices of essential commodities, especially food items.”

He said, the change mantra being taunted is a sham, while calling on the Federal government to own up it failures and inability to provide people-oriented leadership and seek pardon and apology from Nigerians, because in his words, ‘the APC political bandwagon has deceived them with promises that they know they cannot meet up during electioneering campaigns. Therefore, we are not expecting them to implement 2016 budget properly, because signs have shown that, they cannot do it.”

The PDP politician then said, even the APC-El-rufa’I administration in Kaduna state is a shame, in view of his recent war with the Labour Union members, his policies of demolition peoples property thereby adding to their sufferings and his so-called free feeding of primary school pupils, while thousands of teachers are not being paid monthly salaries and there is no enough blocks of classrooms in many schools across the state.

“These policies of El- rufa’I  to say the least are anti-people. How can a leader add to the sufferings of his own people, create animosity with Labour union members and introduced primary schools feeding that he knows he cannot sustain without enough infrastructures and salaries of teachers? It is high time that people should understand that the APC government has deceived them and pursuing anti-people policies that could destroy whatever we have as a people and as a nation,” he said.

Sarkin Gandu then called upon the people to rise up through peaceful and constitutional means to demand justice, fairness and right things to be done from the government bot at state and federal levels. “It is high time that every patriotic person would speak out against these excesses of government, since it is constitutionally guaranteed that, we should voice out our minds on things that are not in tune with our yearnings and aspiration as a democratic nation.”

He then called on Nigerians to always differentiate opposition with telling truth, while calling on people to tell the political office holders the truth, without sentiments. “It baffles me whenever people take offence or ascribe names to whomever advice President Buhari or any APC political office holder. It is wrong for anyone to advice PMB on the issue of state craft. Recently, prominent personalities like Emir Of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II who is a world-class economist, and Professor Ango Abdullahi, a renowned agriculturalist and former Vice chancellor has advised him, so its is expected that, PMB should look into their advices, he added.

On the issue of 2016 budget, he said, with the way the PMB administration is going, it is unlikely that, the budget would be implemented for the over all well being of Nigerians. People, he said, should not place to much hope on its proper implementation since the PMB administration could not even solve seemingly minor problems of fuel scarcity, what about the implementation of budget? He asked.

Sama’ila Sarkin gandu then remind the people that, whatever the APC bandwagon said about PDP especially during campaign, they are guilty of it, since for almost a year now, they cannot manage our economy and deliver on the campaign promises to the masses.


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