Buhari not keen on peace in Niger Delta, militant group alleges

The Joint Revolutionary Council (JRC) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of not genuinely interested in bringing about peace in the Niger Delta.

According to the JRC, which used to be an amalgam of major militant groups in the Niger Delta, it alleged that Buhari’s preference for dialogue with fake groups in the region has made attainment of genuine peace cumbersome.

A letter to the president by its spokesman, Cynthia Whyte, stated: “We receive your message of a willingness to talk to agitating units within the Niger Delta struggle with good faith. However, we are burdened by the fact that in the past few months, or years of your tenure, certain agents within your administration have shown a preference to dialogue with conmen, conflict entrepreneurs, drivers of extortionist enterprises and wholesale blackmailers. It is for this reason that your pursuit of peace has failed.

“If you truly seek peace with the Niger Delta, then peace shall come.

“We do not speak for the Avengers. We do not speak for MEND. MEND is dead. We are just a few people who speak for ourselves but you may come to see that our word may just be our bond. We do not need a roundtable. Sometimes, just two chairs are enough.

“Peace is possible even though negotiable.”


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