Buhari, Lai Mohammed know whereabouts of Chibok girls, Fani- Kayode alleges

Buhari, Lai Mohammed know
whereabouts of Chibok girls, Fani-
Kayode alleges

The spokesperson of President
Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team,
Femi Fani-Kayode has stated that the
presidential candidate of the All
Progressives Congress, APC,
Muhammadu Buhari, and the
opposition party’s spokesperson, Lai
Mohammed, know the whereabouts
of the over 200 School girls who
were abducted in April last year from
their school in Chibok, Borno state.
Mr. Fani-Kayode, who was
responding to Mr. Mohammed’s
statement on the Chibok girls, after
President Jonathan announced that
the girls are still alive said, “Whilst
the majority of Nigerians are
overjoyed by the fact that the
President has given us hope by
saying that the girls are still alive. Lai
Mohammed and the APC are not
“The truth is that they do not want
those girls to be found and neither do
they care about their welfare or their
safety. We say this because this was
a man, and a party that complained
and protested at the fact that Boko
Haram was proscribed by the Federal
Government last year.
“Lai Mohammed proclaimed that the
proscription was unjust and
unconstitutional. We have always
believed that Buhari, Lai
Mohammed, Governor Shettima and
the APC know far more about the
whereabouts of the Chibok girls and
the activities of Boko Haram that
they have cared to admit.
“Let it be clearly understood that if
anything happens to those girls and if
they are not produced at the soonest
we will hold Lai Mohammed, Buhari
and the APC responsible,” he said.
Mocks APC over “flopped one-
million-man march”
The PDP Presidential Campaign
Organisation spokesperson also
ridiculed the APC over what he
called its flopped one-million-man-
march in Lagos, saying the party and
its controversial leader and godfather,
Bola Tinubu, have lost control of
Lagos State.
The APC held a rally in Lagos, Saturday, in
support of Mr. Buhari. Mr. Fani-Kayode, however,
said, “the fact that what the APC boasted would be
a one-million-man march could only attract about
10,000 persons is a reflection of the pitiful state of
delusion that they are suffering from.”
According to Mr. Fani-Kayode, “They have lost
touch with reality and with the people of the state
over whom they have maintained a wicked and
ungodly economic and political stranglehold for all
of 16 years. But the people of Lagos have now
seen through their deception and have decided to
reject them at the polls this time round.
“The Lagos people have amply demonstrated their
anger against the APC and its leader. Having
watched the TV documentary, titled ““Unmasking
the Real Tinubu,” which exposes the plundering
and privatization of Lagos state by the sinking
godfather and overwhelmed lion of Bourdillion,
the Lagos people in their contempt will sink the
APC and Tinubu with their votes in March.
“It is interesting to read that Tinubu asked the
people at the flopped march to march for their
freedom. I agree with him and the people will obey
him by freeing themselves on April 11 from the
political and economic bondage into which Tinubu
has put them since 1999.
“We had expected that Tinubu would use the
occasion of the march and the speech making at
the Teslim Balogun Stadium to address the people
of Lagos on how he amassed his colossal wealth
and mind-boggling property which were the
subject of the TV documentary on him.”
Fani-Kayode dismissed the claim by the Osun
State governor, Rauf Aregbesola, on the occasion
that President Goodluck Jonathan has failed, like
the Biblical Jonah, to deliver God’s message as
the propagation of falsehood and another
propaganda flip.
According to him, “What does Rauf know about
the Bible? President Jonathan has performed
excellently. His transformation Agenda is a divine
message with which our nation is being daily
developed and the transformation is manifest in all
“This is in spite of desperate efforts by the
opposition APC and Boko Haram which is the
APC’s armed wing, to blight the achievements of
our presidential candidate, President Jonathan,
with the abduction of Chibok girls, which took
place in Borno State under the control of a chief
security officer of the state who is an APC
“We are all happy with the progress being made
by the Federal Government through our armed
forces who are overrunning the Boko Haram
insurgents and restoring normalcy to some villages
in the northeast that were hitherto captured,” he
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