Buhari is Used to Military Rule, Where he is ‘Alpha and Omega’ – David Tam-West

Former Minister of Petroleum Resources, Tam David-West, has claimed that President Muhammadu is used to the military kind of leadership where he is seen as the “alpha and omega” and not the democratic system.

David-West, explained that unlike the military era where Buhari could take decisions, in the democratic dispensation he had to think of the National Assembly and pressure groups before making decisions.

Speaking with The Sun, the former Minister said, “I am a die-hard Buhari fan, but I will not keep silent when I see something that is wrong. There is no doubt that a lot of people are suffering in this country, not caused by him, and some caused by him, but we supporters too can make this inheritance argument for too long that it becomes dull.

“We need a change and I know we can make a change. So, I have this strong feeling that there is likelihood that there will be drastic re-thinking of method of governance.

“He is not used to this type of set up. He is working in a democratic system. If it was the military era, he would be alpha and omega. So, if he is, things cannot be like this. But he has to think about the National Assembly. He has to think about pressure groups.

“The problem with Buhari is that he trusts, and when he trusts, he is a very honest person, he will find it difficult to doubt you. I have been saying it, he has to look around himself dispassionately.

“There are some people I do see around him, that are not working for his interest; they are working for themselves. They are not as clean as himself.

“Fortunately, I said this before, his great wife has come out to say the jackals and hyenas around him would be thrown out of the kingdom. And he has to do that if he has to get the steam again.”

Source: dailypost


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