“Buhari can’t end corruption with one stroke”

“Buhari can’t end corruption with one

Though the expectation of the people is high on the need to end corruption in Nigeria, but it has permeated vital fabrics of the Nigerian society such that General
Buhari, when he assumes power would not be able to wipe it out with just one stroke
and as such should do his best and take the
country to the next level and hope that someone would continue in his footsteps after him.

Bishop Jospeh Ekuwem, the Catholic Arch
Bishop of Caalabar told
Niger Delta Voice that vital fabrics of the
Nigerian society
like the traditional institution, the judiciary, the pulpit have all been corrupted by politicians
and as such routing out the rot in the system would require a consistent demonstration of will by both the elected and appointed leaders in public and private
sectors for a long period.

“Buhari is not here now as a military leader
but as a democratically elected president so
it is not going to be an easy process as it
was when he was a military ruler.

So when we put all these together we that
he would deal with so many subjects and so
should not expect that he will with one stroke cut out the cancer that has over these years been in our system.
All we should expect is that he should take
Nigeria one step forward and at the end of his stay hope that there would be someone with the same mind who will take the
country another step forward”

He said Nigeria has over the last fifty years
been plaque by many wrong things and in a
democratic government there are other
elected who might not see things from the
Presidents point of view and so has to contend with them in driving the country forward .

‘What about all those who would be around
him who were also elected, so it is not going to be an easy process because it is not a military rule where he would have the
opportunity to gather people of like mind to
drive the process and execute what he wants and cut out the wrong ways we have acquired for over fifty years”.

According to him, Nigerians have tolerated
bad leadership for a long time and both
Christians and Christians have been praying for purposeful leadership and with the
coming of Buhari, it is hoped that it would
not be another moment of disappointment
to their expectations.

“It seems easy to govern Nigeria because we
tolerate and swallow a lot of rubbish. Instances where many countries would have risen and be on the streets and march to respond to bad leadership and show government the reaction of the people,
Nigerians would just watch and the people
who govern would say ‘just don’t worry,
they will soon forget’ and the reason for this
docility is our geographical divide, our
history, ethnic and tribal differences and the corruption”.

Bishop Ekuwem called on Buhari to be fair
to all parts of the country and people of all religions and ensure that he does his best
for the country and prove that his doggedness to rule the country is based on
goodwill and faith do good for the country.

Credit (Vanguard)


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