Another APC Group in Kaduna Rejects Indirect Primaries

By Alex Uangbaoje Kaduna

With less than one week before the primary elections by the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Nigeria, another group of Aspirants has rejected the indirect mode of primaries adopted by the party’s State Executive Council (SEC), in Kaduna.
The group, led by Hassan Danjuma Samdi, at a Press Conference in Kaduna on Tuesday, described the party’s insistence to use indirect primaries in selecting their candidates for the 2019 election as sham and tyrannic.

In a message to National Chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomole, the aspirants, noted, “Your Excellency please kindly recall that recently the Kaduna State Chapter of our great Party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), held a State Executive Council (SEC) meeting to determine the preferred mode of nominating the Party’s flag bearers in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.
“Upon receiving the Party’s invitation to the SEC meeting we honored the invitation with the earnest expectation that a robust engagement of the issues would take place and that, at the end of the day, superior reasoning and the interest of the Party would guide the final outcome of the deliberations.
“Unsurprisingly however, and typical of the tyrannical way the affairs of the Party have been conducted in the state since 2015, the only opinion that was allowed expression at the event was that of the state government as presented by the Deputy Governor. Thereafter it was widely broadcasted that there was a ‘collective decision’ from the said meeting adopting Indirect Primaries for Kaduna state.
“Your Excellency this claim is false. The decision was not collective. And, what is worse, the process that led to it was anything but consultative. Consequently, we, the teaming members of the APC under the aegis of the Kaduna State Aspirants and Stakeholders Forum, reject this so called ‘collective decision’ for what it is: the orchestrated outcome of yet another sham Party process.
“Your Excellency, we remain resolutely committed to Direct Primaries as the most efficacious mode of determining and throwing up our best candidates to spar against those of the opposition parties for the Gubernatorial and Legislative positions in Kaduna state.
“We are further convinced that adopting Direct Primaries will not only diminish the corruptive influence of vote-buying, it would give party members a voice and, unlike what we have at the moment, promote the growth of a strong, virile, people-rooted APC.
“As we earnestly look forward to your kind endorsement of Direct Primaries in Kaduna state, we ask, Your Excellency, that you please accept our highest regards.”


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