Allocate More Funds to Nutrition Education, Health, WASH – UNICEF Urges Kano, Katsina Govt

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Maulid Warfa, the UNICEF Chief of Field Office, Kano, has called on Kano and Katsina state governments to allocate more resources to the four key sectors for children and women for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The four keys thematic areas are: nutrition, education, health as well as water and sanitation.

Warfa made the call at the sidelines of a 2-day 2019 end of year review meeting and 2020 states engagement Planning workshop held in Katsina on Thursday.

He said the call was necessary in order to ensure that the challenges bedevilling the four key areas were addressed in 2020 to improve the living standards of the children in the states.

“We want commitment from the two states that an equal resources be allocated to the four key areas so that they can address the underlying problems that are militating against achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

“We are expecting the states to increase resources in the four key sectors because every country is working towards achieving those key sectors to improve the quality of education in the two states to enhance socio-economic status of its people,” he said.

He expressed concern over the current student/teacher ration in the two states and called on the state governments to take urgent steps to address the problem with a view to enhancing the quality of education.

“The current students/teacher ration of 92:1 and 103:1 in the two states has to be changed. Infant and maternal mortality is also very high and in terms of nutrition a significant number of children are malnourished.

“So alot of investments have to be made in the four key areas especially in education in order to improve the quality of education in the states,” he said.

The UNICEF official said the meeting was aimed at reviewing 2019 outcome indicators of Kano and Katsina states with the aim of improvement and to identify challenges in the implementation of the programmes.

According to him, the meeting was also intended to set strategic direction for 2020 and to align UNICEF priorities with state development plans.

The meeting was attended by various stakeholders from the four key sectors of the two states.


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