New Year Service: Obasanjo Explains 5 Pillars to Grow Africa ….. As Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Declares 2019 ‘Year of Lights

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

Nigeria former President, Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR), has disclosed that in other to take Africa out of her current state of under development and build a continent her people dream of, five vital pillars are key for her progress and growth.

Obasanjo, who spoke at the 31st Night, New Year Eve service of Christ Embassy Church (Believers LoveWorld, BLW) on Monday, in Lagos, hosted by the President of the ministry, Reverend Chris Oyakhilome, listed the pillars he called ‘5 Ps’ as; Politics, Population, Protection, Prosperity and Partnership.

According to the former President, who was also a special guest to the Church’s annual leadership award night, called Future Africa Leaders Award (FALA), said for Africa to gain it’s place among continents of the world, “if we do not get politics right we can’t get other things right. Good governance is a imperative for the growth of Africa. Democracy’s satisfying the needs of the people and making the people feel part and make them matter. If we get it right, it will be the beginning of getting other things right.”

He noted that the population of Africa is growing fast and that the best way to manage it is by educating her people, saying, “if their is no education their will be poverty. Educations must be right and relevant, empowered, skilled with gainful employment. If governance is good we will make our population productive.”

He emphasised the need to overhaul the security system in the continent to protect our lives and property. “Today there is insecurity everywhere in Africa, let’s take Nigeria as an example, the challenge of Boko Haram, Kidnapping, Militancy, etc, we must protect the lives of our people, security of jobs, security of food, human lives must be taking care of.”

On prosperity, Obasanjo, said, “i have stop talking about poverty. Africa is not poor. We have so much mineral resources. We have good quality land. God didn’t create Africa to be a poor continent. The time has come where we must stop talking about poverty but of Prosperity.”

The former President who also emphasised the need for Africa countries to foster partnership among themselves, said, “if you eat alone you will die alone. Partnership include cooperation, working together.

“Partnership within the state country between Africa and the rest of the world. We have to work together in cooperation and collaboration. The more we work together the farther we will go. If we what to go far go together, Africa has to catch up. We have to go fast and go far.

“What we have to do alone we do alone and what we have to do together we do together to go far. Take the 5 P’s seriously. That is how to build tomorrow African starting from today.”

Declaring God’s prophecy for the year, which is “the Year Lights”, Reverend Oyakhilome, who read various verses of the scriptures (Bible), said, the Church of God in 2019 has entered into a new phase of dimension of the glory of God.

“In this year 2019 we are not alone it will be a year full of signs and wonders, we are not preparing for the coming of Jesus, we will be coming with Him on his second coming. We will be hanging up with Jesus in the air, every eye will see us with Christ descending.” He declared.

Reading from the book of ‎John 1: 9, amongst other scriptures, which reads; “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”, the clergy explained that “light is for illumination, it brings clarity, refinement, sound judgment.

“It shines, light gives guidance, it gives leadership, it teaches, it inspires. Lights empowers, it is for signs and wonders and we are for signs and seasons. We are going to Shine in the year of light.

The BLW President, charged the congregation, with millions of participants across the world via Satellite and the Internet to trust the power of good over evil, saying, “be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good. Fear not, fear no evil, evil doesn’t have much power than good. If they can hate this much, you love this much. You always win, good has more power than evil.

“In 2019 Don’t be overcome by evil, overcome evil by good
Words make, words break. Always say the right things, the right way, God bless you and Happy New Year.”


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