Don’t expect much from APC — Lamido

Don’t expect much from APC — Lamido


Former governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Dr. Sule Lamido, on Wednesday, dismissed President Muhammad Buhari-led All Progressives Congress, APC-led government change mantra.

The former governor insisted that with over 80 percent of APC members being Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, members who had served in various capacities during the PDP regime, Nigerians should not expect anything exceptional.

Lamido argued that with the caliber of PDP defectors who were at present occupying various positions in the Buhari’s administration, it would be difficult for him to fulfill the promises he made to Nigerians because they joined the APC to achieve their personal ambitions.

According to him: “How can President Buhari say he is fighting corruption when he is surrounded by people of questionable characters, a group of people who were part of the government he is criticizing.

Lamido, who spoke while addressing Global Watch members who paid him a visit, said the problems of Nigeria: “Is not only corruption. We as leaders have failed the nation and the ideologies  of our founding fathers that fought for our independent. The many years of illegal military regimes and political eras where people joined politics for personal reasons are the bane of our current predicament.

Today, the APC government is fighting only  PDP members; they are being persecuted for alleged corruption, when there are records that  past military administrations who took over government by force and civilian administrations who ruled before PDP also abused their position. The challenge before us is not about politics, it is about the chemistry of our nation. What are we not doing right as a people that needed to be corrected? Unless they are corrected, things will continue to deteriorate”

The former governor accused the APC led government of putting fears in Nigerians, pointing out that a leader was supposed to make people feel secured not to put fear in them by allegedly imprisoning people indiscriminately.

According to him: “Democracy should be able to address our problems, unite us and not to put fear in the land, compelling people to be pretending to be what they are not because they don’t want to be imprisoned.”

Earlier, the secretary of Global Watch, Yahaya Idris, said they were in former governor Lamido’s office to seek his fatherly blessing in their effort at promoting democracy and unity among the Nigerian youth.


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