Ben Bruce, Throws Weight Behinds Modu Sheriff

Ben Murray-Bruce, senator representing Bayelsa east, has urged members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to rally around Ali-Modu Sheriff for the preservation of the party.

Sheriff was on Friday declared the legitimate chairman of the PDPby the Port Harcourt division of the appeal court.

While the judgment is currently ruffling feathers in the camp of PDP, Bruce has said the “bickering is childish and irrelevant.”

In a statement on his official website on Saturday, the senator said the opposition party is heading towards destruction.

Respecting the judgment of the appeal court, Bruce said, is said the only thing that can prevent PDP’s ruin.

He wrote: “Concerning the PDP, the current bickering is childish and irrelevant. I am not in support of anymore litigation.

“We will work with Ali Modu Sheriff and go to a convention. Right now, PDP is on a course towards destruction and abiding by the judgement of the court is the only thing that can save us.

“In the first place, it is never the job of the judiciary to choose the leader of a party. I therefore call an end to the fighting. And I am supporting Ali Modu Sheriff because it is the only way to preserve the party. ”

Bruce said that it was high time the party united, noting that there’s no opposition party in Nigeria’s present political landscape.

“Right now, what Nigeria has is a one-party state – there is no opposition. Enough is enough. The is the time for PDP to unite, we are a formidable force.”


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