Be Fair in Good Conscience – Apostolic Pastor Tasks Federal Government

Pastor Isaac Uye, of the Apostolic Church Nigeria and a certified Evangelist of the World Christian Leadership in the United States of America (USA), has urged the Nigerian Government to be fair in her service to her citizens in good conscience toward governance, and also practice unity for the peace and harmony of the country.

Pastor Uye, who stated this while addressing journalists on the state of nation,said that a failed state is speeding up as federal character will one day show her last anger.

He task government to ensure that weapon available should be used properly in fighting crime and killing in the country, adding that every capable hands should be useful as government tools to render professional services to the people’s protection in this country.

The renowned evangelist also said that religious intolerance should be discouraged and freedom of speech is very fundamental everywhere in the world and it is very disheartening that when other countries in the world are encouraging their citizens to speak their minds, Nigeria is trying to kill the freedom of speech by the so-called hate N69bn oil palm programme: Edo govt, PRESCO to collaborate on high-yielding oil palm seedling.

He maintained that it is very certain that when leaders lose sight on the true state of leadership they can derail in their policy and enactment of laws enacted saying that it is with dismay that till now, the government cannot face the challenge of political killings that continue in this country.

He pointed out that it is the position of the government to offer maximum protection to lives and properties, hence every trained and active government would put all hands on desk to stop such unlawful killing, adding that “the sanctity of lives should be highly prioritized and it is one of the duties of the government to the society and the government proves its innocence of fighting all form of crimes and killing but if any government of any country fails to fight crimes and to have regard to the sanctity of live it means a government is either involve or not aware of its responsibility to the society.”

He also advised government to take proactive steps in creating employment and provide entrepreneurship skills, adding, “the truth is that government is actually limited to offer employment to all citizens, but matured government can encourage economic indecency by fostering entrepreneurs through professionalism.

“It will be my joy to see Nigerians dwelling in utmost unity as the bond of unity in this country have been marred and derogated, hence an average Nigerian sees other tribes in his or her land as a stranger hence the richest failure of this country! I will advise various government agencies to preach peace and harmony for the progress of this country.”


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