Anti-Corruption War: Your Integrity is Questionable If?…. Methodist Prelate Tells Buhari

Anti-Corruption War: Your Integrity is Questionable If?…. Methodist Prelate Tells Buhari 


By Alex Uangbaoje 

Prelate of Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Dr. Samuel Uche Kanu has said that ‎President Muhammadu Buhari’s integrity is questionable if he cannot be fair and just to everybody. Telling him to stop selective fight against corruption ‎if his administration must win the war.‎

“I support the man in authority president Buhari, he was said to be a man of integrity but that integrity is questionable if he cannot be fair and just to everybody.”

Speaking to newsmen in Kaduna during a “Recognition of service and award of merit” at the  Wesley Methodist Church,the clergyman‎ said the war against corruption should not be lopsided.

‎According to him, “Everybody talks about corruption so we should do everything to remove corruption from our society Nigeria and I wouldn’t want the war against corruption to be lopsided.

“For now the way it is being fought is selective, we don’t want selective war against corruption what we want is total war against corruption.”

‎”So if there is war against corruption the present administration should closely check people and prosecutes them including people in the APC, so many of them are very corrupt ‎we know them.”

“The ruling party has corrupt people among them, APGA has corrupt people, all the parties have corrupt people so it should not be selective and if corruption is not fought generally then it is vindictiveness, mischief and it is wicked act so everybody that is corrupt must pay for it.”

‎He challenges president Buhari to start his probe from successive governments, saying “He should start from after Shagari’s government to actually probe military and civilian successive regimes till date he shoud not single out Jonathan, Jonathan’s government is not the only one corrupt we are aware that there are many military governments that were corrupt, we are aware that successive civilian government has been corrupt and we know most of the corrupt people lives within us and so there should be no sacred cows.‎”

‎”We know the houses they bought in London, government can identify their ho‎uses in Switzerland, in South Africa and cease those properties, even in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Kaduna everywhere.‎”

“So all the ill gotten wealth should be ceased by government and people should pay through their nostrils that is the only way he can win war against corruption.‎”

On insurgency, the clergyman ‎pleads with the president to as a matter of urgency negotiate with Boko haram saying “it has come to a level where they should negotiate”.

He said leaders in Northern part of the country should cover their faces in shame‎ because a society where there is hunger, no good education, youths are unemployed and neglected should expect crimes.

‎”So that is why we say insurgency can be traced to criminal neglect by the leadership from the North, they have not been taking care of their people and if you go into details you will find out that kidnappers in the East and armed robber in the West are all products of neglect ‎even now we are neglecting our young people and how do you think that these crimes will end‎?” he asked.


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