2020: Fayemi to become More Popular than Tinubu, Kaduna Clergy Reveals

The Founder and General overseer of Blessed Embassy Kaduna General Pastor (Dr.) Emmanuel Simon has revealed that Ekiti State Governor will become more popular in the South West than Bola Tinubu.

The man of God who took time to highlight major revelations that bothers on Nigeria and the International community said only prayers can avert the negative prophesies.

According to him, “the Vice President Osibanjo will be in more trouble, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will face problems of betrayals and will be politically reduced.

“A Deputy Governor in a State will have problem. Both A.P.C and P.D.P National Chairmen will be engrossed in more troubles, I saw something new.

“Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai of Kaduna State will apologise to Christians in few years to come, because of his Presidential ambition and he will become popular. Ekiti State Governor will also become popular.

“God showed me Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai and Dr. Fayemi of Ekiti States as possible suggestion by
top Politicians on a joint Presidential mandate. I saw Governor Fayemi receiving more political favour than Tinubu in the South Western States but
it brought problem for them

“God showed me Atiku, Ekweremmadu and Obi, don’t write off Atiku Abubakar, keep watching as the drama unfolds. I saw A.P.C and P.D.P coming together to form a new Party from 2020 to 2023, ahead of the 2023 elections.

“PDP still has hope of ruling Kaduna State if they plan well and organize, they should not lose hope and God gave me a secret word for Rt. Hon Isa Ashiru.

“The CABAL will work against Tinubu in 2020; some of them will die as God showed me-
judgment time by God. Past and present Politicians will face accusation on the Malabu oil deal.

“The Judiciary will be used against political opponents. Governor Aminu Tambuwal should pray for his administration. Atiku Abubakar’s loyalists will decamp. God will expose some Ministers of the Federal Government.

“I saw crisis again, this will lead to imposition of curfew in some States and Local Governments of
Nigeria. The Igbo nation needs serious prayers. The three major languages in Nigeria will have problems.

“God showed me uproar, protest and demonstration in Nigeria, Northerners will want to continue in power by all means, this will bring serious tension in the land. Former Lagos State Governor needs serious prayers, I saw death, Jakande. I saw death of a former Nigerian President. I saw Tambuwal and Governor Wike in a political marriage.

“God has heard the cry of Nigerians over hardship, Nigeria will be better but not under this
administration. The President needs serious prayers to finish his second term due to health challenges. In the demand by Northerners to continue in power, the name of Goodluck Jonathan /Yaradua will
be mentioned to seek election.

“APC will break up with time.
30. Governor Obaseki of Edo State has good plans for his people but needs prayers to succeed; he will maintain his seat if only he can bring Oshiomhole down, if not it would be difficult for his re-election. For decamping from the A.P.C, Senator Saraki, Dino Melaye and others will face serious political
persecution. I saw policies not being favourable to Churches. I saw foreigners been attacked in some countries, just like the South African xenophobia. Some Telecommunication Networks will have problem. A Mogul will have serious health

“I saw death of many Politicians, they need our prayers
36. God showed me many people jostling to be E.F.C.C Chairman but I saw Magu on the seat. God showed me explosion and killings in Abuja. Top Nigerian Generals should pray against death. Nigerian Para-Military Organizations will experience changes, I Saw General Buratai (Chief of Army Staff) in problem. I saw a Financial House like Bank on fire.

“I saw problem in Pension Board but pensioners will be attended to, I saw same currency in the West African Region, Nigerian Borders will be re-opened. I saw money in circulation but the currency will be weaker. A big Bank needs prayers to stand. I see Nigerian economic problems lingering till 2023,there seem no answers at the moment. I saw farmers rejoicing because money and fertilizers was given to them by Government. Taxation will be too severe for Nigerians, Pray more for the Tiv’s and the Jukun nation.
“A prominent Christian and Muslim leader will die in 2020, Some States in Nigeria will experience flood and erosion. I saw oil explosion, I saw building collapse. I saw fire outbreak in a Nigerian University, Let us pray against earthquake in Nigeria. I saw arms loaded in a vehicle but they will be caught, Herdsmen changed strategy by coming in a different game plan; let us pray for God to aver it.

The security challenges of Nigeria will still linger
6o. I saw a lot of crimes in Nigeria, a Nigerian Governor will fight the herdsmen, but they will fight back eventually. The Church will experience fruitfulness in body and business. I saw people receiving gifts like landed properties, houses dedication and cars. I saw God bless The Blessed Embassy with a bigger property. The Blessed Embassy Members are exempted from burying anyone this year. God said Christians should be very prayerful to avert death. I saw new and old faces coming back to the Church, I saw God raising destiny members for the Church; the destiny helpers will go out of their way to please children of God.

“I saw people getting employment cheaply. Iseali President needs serious prayers, President Donald Trump needs prayers; He is not perfect but he is God’s agent for the U.S.A par
time. The US Senate will stand by him but he needs prayers not to lose his second term. Donald Trump needs prayers for his health. I see an assassination attempt on the Russian leader, There will be a decision to invite Frank Lampard to Coach England.

“I see fire outbreaks in some countries, I see terrorist attacks in some countries, I see flood in some countries, I saw a new country emerging from another one. A country which starts with ‘V’ needs prayers
80. Haiti and their President needs prayers.

TAKE NOTE-Anything that God reveals is for us to pray in order to avert, obey and enjoy the
blessings of the Prophecies as the case may be, either positive or negative.


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