Southern Kaduna: Influx of IDPs, is Alarming – Clergy

By Our Correspondent
A Pastor, with the Governors Assembly also coordinator of Nehemiah camp Mr. Gideon Mutum, has cried out over the influx of Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs), in Southern Kaduna saying it is alarming, and threby solicit more government support to ease their plight.

He made the call when he visited the Model Primary School Takau, Jema’a local government area of Kaduna State, to distribute relief materials to over 1,000 IDPs apart from the 1,234 IDPs in his camp.

He disclosed that,” The camp started over 3 Month ago following the unprovoked and systematic attacks that have bedevilled Southern Kaduna un-abated.

“I saw 3 Ladies alighted from a vehicle half naked, were they escape an attacked by Fulanis herdsmen when they were in a bathroom,” Mutum said.

Mutum added that,” The Camp started with about 40 People when I confronted my Wife what I want to do to attacks victims and she gave all the necessary support and by God grace we more than 1,233 IDPs,” 

“There are other camps we’re running with Nehemiah camp in partnership to ensure we provide succor to our own People.

“I was shocked to see influx of IDPs in my camp when we were distributing relief materials, adding, their is need for more government support.

“The Church has been a tremendous help to its People. We give them 3 square meal a day and providing health care services delivery to the IDPs through paying their hospital bills.”

According to him,” We have recorded high case of Malaria in the camp and more than 800 Children are exposed to all manner of diseases in the camp,” Gideon said.

He maintained that,”they have not received any assistance from government. The local Government sent a delegation of six People which they actually came here to come and verify what we have been doing and they asked us to write officially notifying them of our activities and We started this thing as a philanthropists kind of a thing which we need to come to the rescue of our own People in doing this Government has not come here. But we heard that relief materials were distributed in the Local Government but we have not been giving anything.

“No help from the side of the Government as the plight of this People are concern, this place is run by spirited People and organizations.”
Also, “the camp has victims from Pasakori, Ungwan Anjo, Godogodo, Goska, Ninte Golkofa among many others Communities that suffered same attacked.

He urged the Government to relocate the heavy Security machinaries that are hovering around Kafanchan metropolis should be relocated to the vulnerable Communities which the Fulanis have taken over.

Responding to Ulama’s press conference that held in Kaduna calling for the immediate arrest President of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Dr Samson Olasupo Ayokunle, Senator representing Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone, Danjuma La’ah and several others for their alleged inciting statements on alleged armed Fulani herders attacks in southern Kaduna.

He said,” You can dictate to me how to talk when I am mourning my Brothers who are killed in an evil way, stressing Southern Kaduna People have never attacked anybody,check our history.

” I expect them to come to Southern Kaduna to look for religious leaders or a platform to sympathize and commiserated with us and condemned the attacks before there point can be justifiable, but we have not seen anything like that from them,” He added.

He further added that,” Even the Jema’a emirates who represent the Caliphate were she get her popularity, expand her territory and a proxy of the Caliphate in Sokoto have never addressed a press conference condemning the attacks and dissociating herself from what is going on in Southern Kaduna.  

“We don’t need Sultan to first of all make a press statement, we want to see the emirate making a press statement,” He declared.


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