Kaduna State Budget Implementation Warrants Signed

Kaduna State Budget Implementation Warrants Signed


BY Our Correspondent

The implementation warrants of the approved Kaduna State budget for the year 2016 has been signed by the Honourable Commissioner of Finance‎, Suleiman Abdu Kwari.

This is the first time in so many years that the budget process will be concluded and implementation of the budget to start on the 12th January, 2016.

According to the signed budget warrant, the first general warrant for recurrent expenditure for the MDAS amount to N53,174,604,704.

The second segment of the warrant expenditure is statutory expenditure which will cover personnel payments of statutory for the Governor, Deputy Governor, Judiciary, Civil service Local Government service.

The overhead cost component of statutory payment which include Pension and gratuity, ‎public and charges, 10 percent statutory allocation to local governments and ‎falls under the finance warrant and amounts to N108,875,367,538.

The third warrant is capital development for capita‎l expenditure over N108272nn676,649.57 which is finance warrant 9 is to cover total allocation to each sector, Agriculture, education and general administration.

According to the Commissioner, even though the house has passed the law and has been assented, the public finance share management law still demand that the three warrant be signed for the implementation of the 2016 budget.


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