Hull set for City of Culture mass nude photograph

Hull set for City of Culture mass nude photograph


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Hull has been chosen as the latest place to stage a mass nude gathering, all in the name of art.
Internationally-renowned photographer Spencer Tunick is to create a new work there to celebrate its year as UK City of Culture.

The gathering is to be photographed in the East Yorkshire port on 9 July, with the resulting work unveiled in 2017.
Organisers hope hundreds of people will strip to become part of the work, entitled Sea Of Hull.

Participants are to be covered in cosmetic body make-up, before assembling to form the multiple colours of the sea and create abstract shapes for the camera.
New York-based Tunick has created more than 90 similar human installations worldwide, including at the Sydney Opera House, Place des Arts in Montreal, Mexico City and Munich in Germany.

His work in the UK has used places including Gateshead and Folkestone as backdrops.
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Tunick hopes people will help create “a sea of humanity flooding the urban landscape”.

“I’m very interested in the history of the city and its place as a seafaring centre and its relationship to a rich maritime past,” Tunick said of Hull.
“It intrigues me that in some places where there are major streets or parks today, previously there was water.”

He said he hoped he would create “a sea of humanity flooding the urban landscape” and the body paint would help many people to overcome their inhibitions to posing naked.
Kirsten Simister, of Hull’s Ferens Art Gallery, said: “It’s an opportunity to involve people directly in an amazing live performance that will temporarily transform the city.”

Tunick’s UK work has included photographing mass events in Gateshead and Folkestone
The artist is to also create a second installation on 10 July inviting a select group of participants to take part in another event in North Lincolnshire.
Anyone over 18 can take part.


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