Edo plans teacher posting reforms to stop cheats

Edo plans teacher posting reforms to stop cheats


Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has  said the state would reform the recruitment, deployment, promotion and posting of teachers in the state to ensure fairness aimed at optimum performance.

Oshiomhole spoke during a meeting with the chairman and members of the state Post Primary Education Board in his office.

He said: “The key issue in appointment is competence, and in recruiting these numbers, we would start from the top and from those who score the highest mark. The idea here is to give priority to the employment of the best in our schools. Our teachers must be the best.

In those days, when you were very brilliant, you got into academics. Just that things have changed now, the brilliant ones go into banking, oil industry, they want to go to customs, immigration and so on. But we need the best brains to impart knowledge and that is why we are ready to pay special incentives to those who are involved in science subjects.

But to do that, I must be convinced that these people would make a difference in terms of the quality of knowledge they impart and we can measure it through performance of our kids in various examinations and periodically, we have other ways to do assessments.

“We can even work out bonuses for schools that have done well, for pupils that have done well, because, like they say, if the child has not learned, it might well be because the teacher has not taught. One is a consequence of the other and I need us to tie rewards to efforts, because if we can do so and people see that effort pays, I think they will be greatly motivated. I am sure that our children in both primary, junior secondary schools and senior secondary schools will do well.

So, we have to carry out fundamental reforms in the way we recruit, deploy, promote and transfer teachers and there must be an order, there must be fairness and there must be balance. No favour, no lobbying, no political consideration.”

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