BBNaija, Bally Donates Relief Materials to IDPs

The Internally Displaced Persons at Nehemiah Mobilization camp at Model Primary School Takau Kafanchan, Jema’a local Government area of Kaduna State in their thousands on Saturday, received Bally Rally Movement, funded by former Big Brother Naija housemate, Bally amidst pomp and pageantry as they donates relief materials.

The Bally Rally Movement who visited Agwam Fanstwam His Highness Musa Didam said,’’ We are here as your Children, we find it pertinent to pay you a visit and to also condoled you on the ugly incident that befall the land which some part was attacked before we proceed to the IDP camp to donates relief materials to alleviate their plight. Bally who before proceeding to the IDP camp while dancing with the Women at the palace donates a bag of Rice.

Agwam Fanstwam, His Highness Mr. Musa Didam while responding said,’’ I welcome you to my palace, is a good initiative to remember where you are coming from. God will bless you in all your endeavours. 

Bally Bobai Balat while fielding questions from Journalists at the IDP Camp commended Pastor Gideon Mutum for his resilient effort to giving succour to the IDPs and even given scholarship to about 25 Children.

‘’Education is key, it is also important to teach this young Women and Children some skills acquisition that will make them self-reliant. When you have something doing it will project you to somewhere. 

‘’Those who are into art and craft which is my field we’ll see how we can explore this young talented Youths to blow them beyond Kaduna to also help them gained publicity.  We have entertainers and actresses in our movement. Before we kick start the Bally Rally Movement we plan to come back here and stage a peaceful concert were we’ll invite everybody in the Community to come together to spread the message of peace and love,’’Bally added.

‘’The potentials of our teaming Youth in Southern Kaduna has remain untapped it is time to explore them in the face of the earth.

’’ We have seen a very organised IDP Camp we have also seen some of things you are lacking in the camp like the roofing sheet and their houses where they are coming from obviously this are things we planned to honour and we pledge we are going to put a lots of energy to see this things are achievable   

‘’ So, we subscribed to what Nehemiah camp is doing, we see them as partners.‘’ What we are doing also is to spread peace across which is relevant in our existence as a people, for without peace we can achieve our desired goals.

Coordinator of the Bally Rally Movement Mr. Isaac Abrak explained that, the movement is aimed at providing economic empowerment to the Youth and to also provide succour for the less privilege.

The group reiterated commitment to change the mis-fortunes of the region where other part of the world will see Southern Kaduna as a nation to cohobate her activities.’’ He added.   

The co-ordinator of the IDP Camp talked about the hardships saying, the IDPs under my Umbrella have suffered neglect by the present administration despite the ugly calamity that befalls this innocent People who lost their Properties worth billions of naira adding, Children between the ages of 1-5 have forcefully became orphans, married Women between the ages of 18 and 25 are now Widows and helpless in the face of the earth.

‘’The move to set this camp was inspired between and me and my wife to provide succour and ensure they are not neglected. We have a total registered of 2,574 IDPs and a total of 461 households in our camp,’’ Mutum disclosed.

He added that,’’ the Primary School was specifically build for the physically challenge pupils which has not been in use until we came here, then the Government transfer some pupils to the School just to stop us from using it but we rented some houses just within the Communities to alleviate them.

‘’We have a greater challenge of shelter and food as you can see here one of the classes the IDPs are occupied has been dilapidated by a heavy rainstorm last week that took away the roof which has not been easy for us having this People with their Children.

According to him,’’ last week we recorded 85 new born babies and we have 285 Children who are below the ages of 5 and according to UNICEF this age are very sensitive and our feeding has been very poor and mostly likely if nothing is done to provide enough food this Children will be malnourished.

‘’There has never been NEMA and SEMA here, the government never visited this place at a time we visited the Local government to tell them about the camp but we have not seen them since this place has been in existence for the past 9 Months, ’Pastor Mutum added.

‘’One of the relying grounds for us is the press to help us spread the information for the World to see the true situation of this People. The IDP Camp in Southern Kaduna has not been given any attention by the present Government.

‘’We read on the pages of Newspapers that relieved materials have been distributed in Southern Kaduna and we ask where are they?  Southern Kaduna has been forgotten, the displaced persons from Godogodo, Pasakori, Goska, mail one, Tudun Wada, Ungwan Misisi and Bakin Kogi have been neglected.

Mutum further stressed that,’’ The IDP Camp was built on Christian faith and we have trusted God to make supply adding, we are calling on the World to see the need to come to our aide. ‘So far we have registered 96 Pregnant Women, nursing mothers and Children who are completely orphans, School fees are also a big challenge to us.

Also commenting further he made it known that  ‘’ We have recorded 2 Maternal mortality death and one is presently in the hospital now receiving treatment but eventually her baby died as all their payment is paid either by the camp or support from Individuals or NGOs. Pastor Mutum added.  


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