You are a Blackmailer, Organised Labour Accuses Tijani Isa

You are a Blackmailer, Organised Labour Accuses Tijani Isa


Tijani Isa, we know that you are one of the miscreants hired to blackmail the labour movement of Kaduna State. 


Initially, we do not intend to react to your misleading story but for record purpose, and for the benefit of those that might have believed your story as genuine, hence the main reason for this write up. 

For your information, the Kaduna State Government has no work-force of 87,000 workers. Secondly, no member of the union is contributing N2000 monthly as check-off-deductions.

To put the record straight, the Kaduna State total workforce is 23,000 workers as far as the core civil service of the state is concerned.

For your information Tijani Isa, the check-off-dues being deducted from members of the union on monthly basis is O2kobo per N1.00 or two percent (2%) of basic salaries and wages of the respective members of the trade union. 

It is an open secret that the Kaduna State public service is the least paid workers throughout the length and breadth of our country Nigeria. For your further information Tij ani the highest contribution per month as far as check-off-dues are concerned is Ni 000 (One Thousand Naira only and these are senior members of staff in the service of Kaduna State. 

So, we do not know from where you conjure your figure of N2,000 per member per month from and no such money has been paid to the union in Kaduna State i.e N170 Million naira per month in Kaduna State. Where such amount was deducted, the Kaduna state government is bound to explain with whose authority the amount deducted and to whose account the money was paid to. 

No deductions had ever been made inform of union dues from the wages and salaries of political appointees in Kaduna state. The recent deductions of N2000 made from the wages and salaries of political appointees of the state, was deliberately carried out by the Accountant-General (AG) of the state for political reason in order to create chaos and confusion between the unions and the state government in Kaduna state. 

The law does not allow political office holders to belong to a trade union and hence, no union deductions could also be effected in their wages and salaries whatsoever. The Accountant-General of the state, has therefore, committed an offence of perjury and misrepresentation against the unions of Kaduna State. 

Furthermore, the union dues are not meant to build bridges or construct culverts or houses for members of the union and the general public since providing infrastructural facilities to the people of the state is the direct responsibility of a good government. 

Unions dues are meant to provide services for the economic well-beings of the workers during economic depression and bad governance in the society, as well as meeting its financial obligations to her paid official and other recurrent expenditures such as rentages, procurement of official vehicles and maintenance of same.‎


Comrade Suleiman

Olusegun Adeterigbade


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