Women Determines who holds Political Leadership in Nigeria but Neglect themselves – Cleric

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

A Clergy, Reverend Ishaya Turaki, of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), said records has shown that Women has been the ones determining who becomes leader in every level of Nigeria politics since 1999, but never considered themselves worthy to come into the leadership space.

The cleric, noted that if women can use their voting powers to support themselves, there would be no need for the agitation for inclusivity in political participation in Nigeria, adding that men’s leadership have failed the country.

Rev. Ishaya, stated this while addressing women at a Town Hall Meeting to strengthen collaboration in promoting women’s political participation in Kaduna State, organized by Kimpact Development Initiative, under “Advance Women’s Political Participation in Nigeria” project, supported by UN Women.

According to him, “We are all here so that we can learn something different from what we used to know when it comes to the issue of politics.

“Women over the years have been the ones choosing our leaders, right from 1999, when democracy came to us, women have been the ones choosing our leaders from the President down to the councillors.

“But unfortunately, the same women have never thought of voting themselves. They have the voting power but they have never used it to support themselves and that is why we are all here so that we rob minds together and to those of us whose eyes are not open, they would be opened so that we will know that we have the right to be voted in any leadership office in this country.

“Therefore, I want to encourage the women; learn to stand by your fellow women. Doing this will help us greatly in this country. It’s a proven point; the paternal leadership has failed us and I will like to advise us, let’s try maternal leadership. When we do that, I know that Nigeria will move forward”.

In her remark, Coordinator, Women in Politics Forum, Kaduna State, Daharatu Ahmed Aliyu, noted that women kept crying that the men have taken over the political space, but that until women take a stand, change is impossible.

She urged women to act as first as possible to take charge, saying “We need to stand on our feet and show love to each other. When we say it’s this person in this Community that is coming out, let’s mobilize the women and youths together to vote for the woman so that we can have a change in our community and our societies.”

Daharatu, added that “irrespective of our religion, since we are women, we are all one because we have one agenda that we are driving. We want to be given the opportunity to give our own quota to the development of the society.

“I want to use this opportunity to plead with our women to see themselves as sisters. We cannot change the narrative if we don’t love ourselves. We have women in politics where all the political parties are brought together. We have women inter-party where all the women are brought together to drive a common goal, so let’s take advantage of it.”

Program Officer KDI, Mercy Abiem, who represented the Team Lead, Bukola Idowu, said what Nigeria need at this point is increased number of women in decision making to improve the quality of lives of the citizens, noting that if women are given the opportunity to lead there would be change in the political landscape of the country because they are patriotic and committed.

“The project is just to gather support, to collaborate with key stakeholders, traditional leaders, women in politics, legislators, most especially female candidates in Kaduna state.

“To encourage women and other key stakeholders in the state to pour out their votes for female candidates in the elections and we hope that after this program, the support for female candidates will be poured out and they will emerge successful in the elections, both now and beyond.” She added.


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