Elections: We don’t need a Robert Mugabe in Nigeria… As Ndigbo in the North Endorse Jonathan, Yero

Elections: We don’t need a Robert Mugabe in Nigeria… As Ndigbo in the North Endorse Jonathan, Yero

By Alex Uangbaoje

The South-East Assembly of politicians in the North has called on Nigerians not to cast their votes for those they term too old to govern the Nation saying “We do not need a Robert Mugabe as a president in Nigeria.”

Addressing a press conference at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) secretariat in Kaduna, the coordinator of the group Hon. Frank Okonkwo said most world leaders making history in their countries today are within 45 to 60 year of age.

According to him president Goodluck Jonathan is a young man who has succeeded in so many areas where previous governments failed. Adding “our military are better equipped and the result is pronounced in our victory over insurgency.”

“Goodluck ordered the reinstatement of soldiers who were wrongly dismissed during Obasanjo’s Era. These people failed to convene National Conference, they failed to restructure power.” All these where made possible by Goodluck, Okonkwo argued.

He accused those clamouring for change, saying they are doing it for selfish reasons because the present government has refused to commit genocide like that of Odi and Zakibiam.

“This government released people who where detained for years without evidence of wrong doing and fair trials. The government also refused to interfere in the proceedings of the National Assembly and the Judiciary as was the case.” He explained.

“‎Today we have a president that has had one Vice president and one Senate president in cordiality with good and harmonious working relationship between the executive, Legislature and Judiciary.” He said 

Okonkwo also expressed confidence in the leadership of governor Ramalan Yero Saying “Yero/Bajoga has ensured there is peace and that the state has been very accommodating under their leadership. It is obvious that without peace no business will strive.

He emphasised that no threat or intimidation will deny them of their voting right, and therefore, called on Igbos around the North to take advantage of the two weeks PVC collection extension and get their cards ready for the elections.


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