War Against Banditry Huge Success says Commissioner …as Zamfara Arrest 2000 Informants …..to Open up Telecom Services

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

Zamfara State Commissioner of Information, Honourable Ibrahim Dosara, has said that the ongoing onslaught against bandits in the state has recorded a huge success, as over 2000 informants to the bandits have been arrested and are now helping security agents with vital information.

Dosara, during an interaction with media in Kaduna on Wednesday also hinted that the state government is already planning to open up telecommunication services before the end of the week.

He said, “Over 2,000 informants arrested and they are now providing vital information on how they relate with the bandits and who supports them, including highly placed individuals.

“I am happy to announce that after a month, we have greatly succeeded in many areas. One of the success is making the bandits flee Zamfara State for fear of being killed.

“Just yesterday, the Sokoto Commissioner of Security on interview,, said 80 per cent have fled to Sokoto, with only 20 per cent in Zamfara and Katsina,” he said.

“We were also successful in the operation in the sense that many Bandits have been neutralized by the army and they now eat raw food to survive in the forest.

“Most of them are forced to eat raw food like millet, because they have been cut off from their collaborators in town. They are now using camels to perpetrate violence.”

The Commissioner added that the government would open up telecommunication network services in the state capital this week saying the government was not happy about the hardship the network shut down had caused, but that it was for the greater good.

He further said that the Government set up a situation room where complaints are being received to ensure prompt action.

According to him, the measures put in place, including shutting down telecom services began a month ago, in its quest to ensure success of military operations.

He accused some politicians who did not wish the State well of sponsoring fake news and reportage especially on social media

“We also encountered problems with conflict entrepreneur who were sponsoring unverified and sensational reports on the insecurity situation despite that the government was firm in ensuring success.

“I also want to react to a comment by ex Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa who made a comment on BBC this morning. He accused the government of Zamfara of not doing its nest.

“If Bafarawa can recall, he was not able to solve the problem of Shi’ites when he was Governor of Sokoto, leading to loss of several lives.
” One of his relations was arrested for supplying bandits needs in Shinkafi LGA.

I wonder someone whose son or sister is involved in banditry, cannot respect himself. He should be responsible by calling either Governor of Sokoto or Zamfara to address them, not to go on the media.” Dosara advised.


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