UNICEF, Kaduna Govt equips 500 Adolescents, PWDs with Life Skills

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in partnership with the Kaduna State government, has empowered 500 adolescents school girls, boys and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), with gender-neutral skills.

The program which was implemented under the “transferable and employability skills for adolecents in Kaduna State”, selected the adolescents from different government secondary schools in the state.

The empowerment training was
focused on shoemaking, cap making, bag making and other relevant skills such as life skills, coding and robotics, handled by artisans, teaching the basics as well as the entrepreneurial aspects of these crafts.

The training is expected to increase confidence and self-esteem among participants, enhance their problem solving skills, equip them with critical thinking and creativity skills, improve their collaboration and communication abilities.

Greater awareness of potential career paths and opportunities in gender-neutral fields, help them build stronger connections and support networks among participants and their mentors.

Some of the students who spoke at the Government Secondary School, Narayi in Chikun Local Government Area, expressed appreciation to the organizers and promised to make the best use of their new found knowledge.

According to 18 years old Alice Idoko, an SS3 student, “am happy I have acquired another skill in addition to my tailoring skill that I can use to generate income and support my aunt who have been taking care of me since I lost my parents.

“UNICEF and the Ministry of Education have done something remarkable in my life in the last few days to plan my future and I will not disappoint them I promise.”

Alice, hope to impact her community by sharing the knowledge with other young people who were not opportune to be part of the training.

For 17 years old Mercy Shadrach, “I have been telling myself that I don’t know how to do anything, but thank God I was given the opportunity to be part of this and am not planning to stop here because I have to take this to another level.

“For me, this is already a career I will have to continue even after my university education, I don’t think I will have to wait for any employment because I can be a boss of my own while in school.”

She thank UNICEF, for the knowledge impacted in her, adding that she now knows how to make the right decision, negotiate and also adjust whenever she makes any mistake.

David Asan, 20 years old, said he never knew that critical thinking has always been in his day to day life, until he was taught that it’s an inbuilt skill that needs to be put to use.

“We now understand that we have inbuilt skills in us but we have never put them to use and even when we use them, we use them wrongly. But with this training, I now know exactly what to do with those skills.

“I never knew I could do something like making of turban cap as a male, but today I make them perfectly and you don’t even need too much capital to go into it. I thank UNICEF for chosen our school and other schools to be part of this.” David, explained.

Kasarachi Nwafor, is a 19 years old SS3 adolescent girl, who never believed she could be able to learn any skill because of her level of comprehension when it comes to skills acquisition.

“I never had any skill in my life, I had given up in learning skills so I just focused on my education, I even tried learning tailoring at some point but I was unable to learn anything.

“But after our orientation at the beginning of the training, I realised that I actually have the understanding to learn skills, as I speak now, I can make turban caps seamlessly. This has added an advantage to my life and I so much appreciate the organizers.” Kasarachi, noted.

“This skills are something that I can use to support my life in the face of unemployment after school. I want to also give people in my community this knowledge of how to make turban caps and help them with problem solving skills.” 18 years old Hussaini Yunusa said.

19, years old, Nwanneke Egwuatu, who said his dream is to become a provision seller even after his university education, noted that the knowledge he acquired during the training has given him a different perspective about life and career.

“I will like to do this as a business along with my dream trade because I believe it can transform my life in the future.”


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