Turkey coup attempt: Military takes over power

Turkish soldiers block Istanbul’s Bosphorus Brigde Gokhan Tan/Getty Images
The Turkish military have released a statement claiming to have taken over, Reuters reports.

The statement in full has been released by NTV, what follows is a rough translation:

A statement from the army, the Turkish Armed Forces; the constitutional order, democracy, human rights and freedoms and plant supplied again; The judge again made ​​the rule of law in the country; the re-establishment of the deteriorating public security order; purpose of the administration of the country was completely confiscated.

All international agreements and our commitment remains valid. with all countries of the world, we hope to continue our good relations.

The army has apprently taken over media outlets.

Meanwhile, all flights from Istanbul’s Ataturk airport have been cancelled, according to a Reuters witness.

There have also been reports of hostages taken at the military headquarters, according to a CNN Turk journalist.

The same reporter added that President Erdogan was safe.


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