The Extraordinary Story Of The Old Kenyan Man With 130 Wives, 300 Children And 85 Divorces!!

Many of the world’s major media outlets have focused on the Kenyan whose legend has gone beyond the borders of his country. Died at the age of 94, in early October, Akuku was married 130 times and had some 300 children. Its peculiarity was also due to its great age in this country where the hope turns around 54 years. More than thirty of his wives and 55 of his children have predeceased him in the tomb.

It was in 1939 that Akuku first married in Ndhiwa, 370 kilometers west of Nairobi, the capital. Soon, his appetite for women pushed him to take a 2nd, then a 3rd and so on until 1997. The last one was 18 years old.

In the predominantly Christian country of Kenya, polygamy is not admitted by the Constitution, but it is tolerated within the framework of tribes and customary laws.

As he grows up his family, the almost illiterate man turns out to be an outstanding businessman. He creates his own minibus transport company, then buys land and livestock he trades. Little by little, he weaves his web in the region and builds an empire.

From the marriage of his daughters, he takes advantage, for, on the dowry, it does not joke. He built a church and two schools for his children, closely monitoring their education.

Despite the staggering number, he knows the first name of each child and his mother. One of his sons will become a doctor, another policeman. Many others will remain in the village, where they will open small shops.

Until the end of his life, Akuku is a courted character, consulted as a notable. Politicians are not unaware of the weight of his family clan.

The old man boasted of his abilities. “They call me” Danger “because I scare men. No woman can resist me. I have always been a handsome lad, dressed and talked to the ladies. I’m magnetic! “He said one day.

Intractable, Akuku was often. He had divorced 85 times. For infidelity of his wives. “I can not tolerate their risky behavior, it’s my life they put in jeopardy! In these times of AIDS, I have to be very strict about the behavior of each one, “he justified.



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