Tambuwal Approves Establishment of Agency for Girl Child Education – Aide

By Alex Uangbaoje, Kaduna

As part of his effort to encourage girl child education in Sokoto state, Governor Aminu Tambuwal has    approved the establishment of an agency to steer and supervise girl child education in the State.

The Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, to the Governor, Imam Imam disclosed this in Kaduna on Thursday when he visited the  state Secretariat of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kaduna.

According to him, “The agency is to coordinate the activities of the girl child, adding, basically sokoto and Governor Tambuwal has been about education since we made it the number one.”

Imam added, the priority of the state government expenditure, attention and energy has been tailored towards revamping the education sector in the state. 

He explained, that, the important thing is that within the one year of the declaration of the state of emergency, visible impact had been made.

He recalled, “as you are aware on the last day of 2016, December 31st the Governor presented the 2017 budget to the State House of Assembly, what the budget showed us was that Education was given the highest allocation of 27.3% which is higher than the UNESCO recommendation of 26% this thing did not happen in isolation, because last year too education got the highest of 28% of the total budget .”

“The whole idea behind this is that in Sokoto education is the number one priority of this administration and we set out from the beginning that the deplorable state of education sector in sokoto has to be reversed, has to be changed.”

 “two years ago we declared a state of emergency in the education sector in the state and within last year, in September 2015 we set the target of 1.1 million new enrollment of children , by August of 2016, we had 1.3 Million, we beat our target.”

He stressed that, “we don’t just care about enrolment of students in schools, we care about retention and completion. So within the circle of enrolment, retention and completion, we give special consideration to female education.

“some of you might has read online about Gudu local government area in Sokoto state, which is the only local government in Nigeria without a senior Secondary school, out of the 774 local government areas in the country.

“so is a negative statistics which if we are really serious about turning around the fortunes of education, we should make a visible impact in that local government.”

Imam, noted that, the state government budget 1.1billion Naira for a brand new secondary school, which is perhaps the biggest secondary school in the state.

“Because Gudu is on the border with Niger Republic, the state government entered into an agreement with Niger Republic and the school will now run a dual curriculum in French and English, with teachers from Nigeria and Niger Republic and students from Nigeria and Niger. 

“When you run a dual curriculum it is very important because, you are exposing Nigerian students to French and you all know that we are surrounded by French speaking countries.”

“We are improving the marketability of our students  if they go to the outside world, they can speak English, their local dialect as well as French.” 

He added that, there are about 200,000 people in Gudu , for the first time they are seeing what it is to have a Senior secondary school , it will be a burden school and co educational and housing students from Niger and Nigeria.


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