State Police, Armed Vigilante will end Insecurity – Uba Sani

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

The All Progressive Congress (APC), governorship candidate for 2023 in Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani, has that creation of State owned Police and arming vigilante groups will end the challenge of insecurity facing the country.

The APC candidate, who is the Senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial Zone, said he is already pursuing a bill that will allow vigilante groups to carry arms along with a bill to create State Police.

Senator Una, believes that having a state controlled police would help the governor in making fast decisions whenever there is security bridge. And that when the vigilantes have arms they face armed insurgent, which he said would bring an end to problem of insecurity in the state and the country as a whole.

He gave this perspective during a Media Parley for Candidates, organized by the Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna State Council.

Now when you create and empower State Police they will be able to tackle bandits. The amendment of the fire arms act is in the pipe line and will be in line with public best practices.’ He stressed.

“Issue of insecurity is a national crisis. But in Kaduna State, we need to address insecurity. Security agencies by the constitution are not under the control of governors. The way forward is the state police. We are now over 200 million population in Nigeria, so I don’t think we have enough security agencies to take care of this figure. We need to create more vigilantes in the state.

“So the lawmakers have agreed to consider state police to solve our security issues.

“This will mean that every state can have the number of police they desire and equip them accordingly and that is the only way forward. Based on our findings, we have so many illegal firearms in the country and we need to do something about it.

“The issue of insecurity is key to us and we will do everything legally possible to put it behind us if elected in 2023”, Una Sani said.

He said when the bill to enable vigilante groups carry arms is passed, they will work closely with other security agencies and that traditional and religious leaders also would work in synergy with both the vigilantes and other security agencies to provide intelligence to help stamp out insecurity.


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