Stakeholders Want Politicians to Sign Social Contract before they are Elected

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

Stakeholders in Kaduna on Friday called on citizens to ensure they get political parties candidates to sign social contracts with them on what they need before voting them to power.

They said this would enable them to hold those in power accountable and measure their level of integrity and trust on what they have promised to do.

The call was made during a Media Dialogue with Women and Socially Excluded Groups to influence Political Party candidates on Health and Education issues ahead of 2023 General Elections, organized by Partnership to Engage Reform and Learn (PERL) in collaboration with the Agenda.

According to them, citizens must find a means of holding politicians accountable by creating platforms to negotiate critical issues that concerns them.

Speaking at the meeting, Yusuf Goje, one of the conveners of the Agenda, said election stakeholders must learn to focus on issues that speak to their security and welfare.

He added that electorates also need to scrutinize the candidates to understand their manifestoes, and chose the best amongst them who understands their needs and has shown interest in addressing them.

Goje, noted that everybody in the community form the critical mass in an election, therefore if they fail to play their parts they are indirectly contributing to the wrongs in the society because everybody is a victim of bad governance.

“If the people can mobilise, support, vote and participate in ringing in politicians, they can also negotiate and demand for their needs before they are elected.

“Unfortunately, most people who go to those in power don’t go there to demand for issues but for their personal interest.” He added.

He urged the people to be every careful with promises being made by politicians especially on issues that are beyond their jurisdictions, adding that people should not be voted because of their religion, but that priorities should be placed around issues of trust, faithfulness and competence in delivering their promises.

“Region does not address issues of poverty, unemployment, and welfare of the people. Even if you want to use religion, there is still the need to scrutinize the candidates as to if they are capable of addressing your needs.”  Goje, said.

State Team Lead of PERL, Abel Adejo, in his remarks noted that as the country is preparing for general elections, it is important that the people engage candidates at various levels and place necessary demands.

According to him, engaging the politicians might influence their manifestoes and help them to understand what the people actually need.

He said the meeting was an opportunity for accountability mechanisms in the state and some politicians to interact with the media and inform them where they are and what they are doing to see if political parties candidates can address a couple of things in their manifestoes before the elections.


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