Staff Verification: Kaduna Electric Undergoes Comprehensive Exercise

In a significant move to enhance transparency and efficiency, Kaduna Electric has commenced a comprehensive staff verification exercise.

The exercise, which begun in September is expected to be concluded this month. The exercise aims to validate the employment records and credentials of all Kaduna Electric employees. This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining a highly skilled and accountable workforce.

In a statement signed by Head of Corporate Communication Abdulazeez Abdullahi the company’s management expressed that “Our goal is to ensure that our workforce is composed of qualified and dedicated individuals capable of delivering exceptional services to our valued customers. This verification procedure is a crucial step towards realizing this goal.”

The staff verification exercise will involve thorough scrutiny of educational certificates, employment history, and other relevant documents. Additionally, the process will include biometric data collection to ensure accurate personnel records.

The statement emphasized that the verification process is being conducted with utmost transparency and fairness. “We are committed to a fair and objective evaluation of our staff. Any discrepancies identified will be addressed following established company policies,” he assured.

The company commended all employees for the maximum cooperation given to the verification team to not only expedite the process but to also make it a success.