Save the Children Boost CSOs, Media Practitioners Knowledge on Social Protection

Save the Children International (SCI), on Monday commenced a 3-day knowledge boosting training for members of Kaduna Social Protection Accountability Coalition, (KADSPAC).

Eunice Victor, SCI’s Social Protection and Inclusion Coordinator, a Ukaid-funded Child Development Grant Programme, Phase II (CDGP II), said the training was to enhance the knowledge of participants on social protection and inclusion.

She explained that the training was necessary to equip participants with the needed knowledge of social protection programmes like social security, social insurance, social assistance, social safety, and Social Justice.

Ms Victor pointed out that social protection was crucial in preventing, managing, and overcoming situations that adversely affect people’s well-being, particularly the poor and vulnerable in communities.

“Social protection consists of policies and programmes designed to reduce poverty and vulnerability by promoting efficient labour markets, diminishing people’s exposure to risks, and enhancing their capacity to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, exclusion, sickness, disability, and old age.

“The Social Protection Floors recommendation provides guidance to member States in building comprehensive social security systems and extending social security coverage by prioritizing the establishment of national floors of social protection accessible to all in need,” she said.

Also, the Secretary of KADSPAC, Mr. Philip Yatai, said the training would increase participants’ understanding of social protection and inclusion and equipped them with the knowledge to effectively engage the social protection processes in the state.

According to him, the training will also increase confidence among KADSPAC members to effectively engage the formulation and implementation of social protection programmes in the state.

“Inclusive social protection systems will ensure that everyone is able to access income that provides security throughout a lifecycle.

“This will promote personal wellbeing of the citizenry from childhood to old age and ensuring they can participate in society.

“I, therefore, urged participants to take advantage of the training to improve their understanding of social protection, why it should be inclusive and what it means to the poor and vulnerable in the state,” Yatai urged.

Recall that the National Social Protection Policy, (NSPP) is designed to show the commitment of government to effectively mobilize and efficiently utilize the national resources, to improve the quality of life of its citizens.


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