Polio Eradication: UNICEF Seeks Media ‎Support On 2017 Certification

Polio Eradication: UNICEF Seeks Media ‎Support On 2017 Certification


By Alex Uangbaoje 

Mr. Utpal Moitra Chief Officer United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Kaduna field office‎ has charged media practitioners in the country to brace up on their campaign of polio immunisation if Nigeria most attain the “2017 Free Polio certification”.

Mr. Utpal gave the charge during a “RI (routine Immunisation) Strengthening and Polio End Game Media Engagement Meeting” in Kaduna organised by Kaduna State Primary Health Care Agency in collaboration with UNICEF, Kaduna field office. 

He‎ said the media plays an important role of getting the right information to the public and making sure that the correct information reaches the parents to know what is right for the country. 

“Media ensures that a large number of the population gets the message in a very short amount of time, we are calling on the support of the media as a force that can help to spread this news.”

“Nigeria is sill two years to go ‎and we can’t celebrate the country’s freedom from polio even though Nigeria recorded the last case of polio 24th of July 2014 we have to wait until 2017, so the next two years is very critical and important this is why we are calling on the support of the media.” He advocates. 

Delivering a lecture on “Strengthening Media Capacity for Effective Partnership for Children” Rabiu Musa, Media and External Relations‎ officer, UNICEF Kaduna Field Office, argued that the major challenge faced with health reportage is journalists lack of basic information gathering skills.

According to him “some journalists lack basic information-gathering, reporting and writing skills. To have journalists report well on accountability and health and environment, they first need to have good skills.”

“An enabling media and communication ‎environment raises public awareness of development issues and influences policy makers. Saying “free, independent, versatile and accommodating media that serve the public with children in focus should be the media development objective.” Rabiu said.


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