Peaceful Coexistence: ​Linguist Advocates for Pidgin as Official Language

Buhari Danboyi, Kaduna

As part of measures to entrench unity and peaceful coexistence among the diverse tribes, cultures and languages in Nigeria, the Deputy Dean Faculty of Arts and former Head of Department of English and Drama, Kaduna state university, Dr. Methusela Jeremiah has suggested the adoption of Pidgin as Nigeria’s official language. 

He made the call in his office during  an interaction with Newsweb Express reporter.

Dr. Jeremiah applauded Rwandan parliament for passing a bill to make Swahili one of the official languages of the country.

He said “making Swahili one of the official languages in the country will help to settle deep seated wounds among the populace. 

“Prescribing an indigenous language to official language is the best thing that can happen to the country and the continent.”

He said “due to political interests and  unwillingness to compromise among the three main languages in Nigeria, a neutral language is needed, hence Pidgin. That Pidgin has the neutrality, reach and  orthography”.

Dr. Jeremiah further stated that “slavery has metamorphosed into cultural hegemony using globalization as vehicle. That elevating indigenous languages can help to curtail cultural hegemony”.
Buhari Danboyi is an intern with Newsweb Express, sponsored by African Media Development Foundation (AMDF).


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