Party Leadership: NGO Builds Capacity of 70 Women in Kaduna

By Uangbaoje Alex, Kaduna

As part of effort to prepare women in politics for political leadership in Kaduna State, an NGO, Dinidari Africa with support from UN Women under their Women Participation in Politics, project, has trained 70 female politicians.

The NGO, had recently, held a town hall meeting with women from various political parties in the state to hear their grievances on how they are faring in their various parties.

Clara Jack, of Dinidari Foundation had disclosed during the meeting that “A capacity assessment training would be organized for them in December this year, where we will come back with all the participants, answer all their questions and also give them tools on how they can actualize this women participation in politics.

According to her, the essence of the training is to showing the women the importance of party legislations, the heirarchy in politics, the concept of God fatherism, how to be the right people for politics. Others are to understand party structures, eliminate fears, how to start early and how to get more women to participate in politics.

Speaking at the training, Women Leader of the Labour Party in Kaduna State, Hajiya Hadiza Dahua, said the training was an eye opener for women politians in the state.

She noted that women has always been the ones working for political parties but in the end, the men takes everything, saying, “we work for everybody but the men captured everything. So we’re now being sensitized to know our rights and when you know your right you can do anything. Because we are been told how to move, what to do, how to do it.

“We are really impressed. We are being taught and we will teach others to know the implication what the of being a politician, a woman and gaining your own right, your mandate. Because when you are a politician and you come out you want to be somebody in politics, men try to over lap you, subdue you, put you down.

“But through this training, we are being told, not allow them take everything, we are being taught to work for ourselves, be ourselves and be who we want to be. I just want to say, thank you to the people that gave us this training.

As for Aisha Muhammed, politician based in Sabo Gari LGA, in the State, Kaduna Women are more united and prepared now for leadership. She said though the primaries are gone, but that the training would prepare them for 2023 elections and the Local Government elections that may hold before 2023.

She said if the women are not giving the required opportunity, they may be forced to start a unity party for women and youths where only young people and women would contest for elective positions.

On his part, Leslie Dongh, who facilitated the training, the training was about gender mainstreaming where the women were helped to understand how they can factor gender issues in the constitution of their various parties to work in their interest.

“All the women here are from various political parties, but what was striking was that they all have striking issues; most of the issues are around gender and quota system and affirmative actions seems to be cutting across all the parties.

“We also then looked at advocacy, it’s elements, the activities and the steps. We looked at barriers. We encouraged them to foster partnerships. We also helped them understand that now that they are trying to push for a quota for themselves as women, it doesn’t mean that they should shut out men because the men are already the established authority in most of these parties.

“So, to achieve a successful advocacy, they need to involve the men. So basically, we took them through some of the advocacy activities they can engage in like sensitization, media engagement. They also did a group work and presentation on some of the gender challenges in their party.

“We expect that at the end of this training, these women would have a work plan that will inform some advocacy visits. We understand that they might have missed out on some of the elective position so to speak. Because many of them didn’t make it to primaries and all that. But we still have the appointive positions that they can still push for”. He added.


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