Obi Support Group dumps Asake for Ashiru/Ayuba

Ahead of the Governorship Election in Kaduna State, Peter Obi Support in Southern Part of the state has resolved to come all out in support of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Isa Ashiru and his running mate John Ayuba.

The group in a statement signed by the Coordinator, Comrade Derek Christopher, called all the Obidient movement to vote wisely in the Saturday election, saying “We are calling on all the Members of this group and other OBIDIENT family from Kaduna South Senatorial District to vote wisely during the Saturday election and vote for someone who is very obvious that there’s great hope of winning the Ticket.

“We want all OBIDIENTS to know that if you become rational to ask yourself how many LGA that Asake got in the Basket and can deliver, you can only mentioned but few. So instead of being emotional with blind support by not being very critical and analytic, Saturday election would surprised everyone if the MM ticket fly at the end of the day.”

According to him, “Zone 3 cannot and would never produced a Governor on its own, the more reason why we must align and be part of an inclusive Government than to stubbornly stick to Asake Ticket which is very clear that he will come distant third in the race and more votes for Asake is increasing the stakes of APC winning.

“As leaders of the people, the vision and chances of getting an LP Governor are very slim because there’s little spread of LP in Zone 1 and some LGA of zone 2.

“We have interacted and listen to the vision of the PDP Governor candidate and his deputy, there commitment to entrenched people oriented leadership in Kaduna State that’s going to respect our humanity and unite the people of Kaduna State and make it home again. Dr John Ayuba and Alhaji Isah Ashiru have shown that Peace and Security of the people of KADUNA STATE is of paramount importance to them.

“During our interaction with Dr John Ayuba, he reassured that there Government is going to bring more development and Southern Kaduna would not longer be left out.”

The statement added, “We are calling on all good citizens of Kaduna State to vote for people who would bring back Hope to Kaduna State and not concentrate on the business of dividing the people along religion.

“Our Principal Peter Obi encourage us to always stand for credibility chanchanta and to be able to play the politics devoid of emotion and how Southern Kaduna would not be secluded again in the next Government.”

The statement noted that APC encouraging Asake, to stand still so that their Muslim/Muslim ticket would sail through, saying “Another question for you, why do most APC guys encourage Asake to stand still and not back down, which is a very good advice, but still there support is for Uba Sani MM Ticket. Don’t you see how you are been played here. Politics is a game of numbers and we don’t the numbers to win the election.

“We are soliciting for your vote today because it is very important, it’s our commitment to peace and security, it’s our only hope for the farmers to return to farm, Scholarship would be revived, There’s going to be slashing of the Hike in Tuition fees in our university and higher institutions in Kaduna State so that the children of no body can go to school.

“If you vote today for Ashiru/John Ayuba, be rest assured that you have voted for your freedom.”


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