New MGI Scrabble Grand Slam Receives Scopely Support

A fresh excitement has pervaded the scrabble community and the world as the newly birthed MGI Grand Slam has been backed by American gaming firm Scopely.

The MGI Grand Slam is the latest variant introduced to expand and keep engagements around the sports of scrabble sustained with new innovations.

The tournament is a high-end competition where top players go through a qualifying process be among the 28 that will face one another in Lagos over a total of 24 games and a best of five finals from October 14-16.

Players from United Kingdom, United States of America, Ghana, Gambia and Liberia have already conveyed their readiness to join their Nigerian rivals to be part of the historic moment.

Disclosing the partnership with Scopely which owns the popular ScrabbleGo mobile app was MGI Chief, Lukeman Owolabi who highlighted the impact the relationship would have on the Grand Slam by live-streaming the games live on its platform.

“SCOPELY, the makers of Scrabble GO mobile app will be supporting the live broadcast of the tournament on their Scrabble Twitch Channel as our official streaming partner.”

The former World No.9 said the significance of having the North American based firm on board means many enthusiasts and followers would be able to watch proceedings of games live through this link:

He added that support from the software also underscores the importance of getting the global audience to witness the first scrabble Grand Slam to be held in Africa.

According to him, “the sponsorship from Scopely is a step in the right direction for the MGI organization as we continue the pursuit of excellence in the delivery of Scrabble tournament experience to Scrabble players and followers all over the world. We are highly optimistic that this is the beginning of a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership between MGI and SCOPELY” He declared.

This arrangement will be first for Scopely in Africa and Will Anderson will anchor the show.


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