Mozambican Government Dismisses 124 Teachers over ‘Sexual Harassment’

The Mozambican government has reportedly sacked at least 164 school teachers over the last 12 months for various reasons, the main one being suspected sexual harassment.

According to Club of Mozambique, of the total number dismissed, 124 were removed on sexual harassment grounds.

Minister of Education and Human Development, Conceita Sortane, was quoted as saying that her ministry remained “vigilant in identifying professionals who behave in a dubious manner”.

Pambazuka News reported in 2010 that teenage girls in Mozambique often fell pregnant before reaching 16, the legal age of marriage. This usually put an end to their education.

Quoting a 2008 report compiled by the Mozambique Ministry of Education and Culture, Pambazuka News said that many of these pregnancies were not consensual and girls were impregnated by teachers who asked for sexual favours in exchange for passing grades.

The report, entitled “Mechanism to stop and report cases of sexual abuse of girls”, found that 70% of female students said a teacher had asked them for sexual favours in order to pass.

Not only were female students becoming pregnant, but they were also becoming exposed to sexually transmitted diseases through their teachers, the repot said.

Source: Lusa


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